IGA 2020 Jury Committee Recruitment


As the scale of Indie Game Award grows each year, we are now recruiting our jury committee from the public for the very first time. If you meet the jury requirement (see below) and have great loves to indie games, we sincerely invite you to apply for joining the jury committee of Indie Game Award, and witness the rising stars in the game industry firsthand.


  1. Qualification: (meet at least 1 category
    Print media, online media, TV/newswire, content creator, former IGA winner, Game/IT/Design/Graphic/Music/Visual Arts professor/teacher.
  2. Deadline:
    The application is open until Oct, 25th, 2019
  3. IGA Jury Committee Regulation:
    1. Our event coordinator will conduct screenings of the qualification of IGA jury committee once we receive your application. The result of your application will be sent to you via Email on Oct. 31th. Please wait patiently for the Email. Thank you.
    2. Qualified applicant will become a member of our 2020 IGA jury committee and be asked to conduct reviews for the submitted titles for roughly a month (from Dec. 9th, 2019 to Jan. 1st, 2020). Each jury will be responsible for around 10 game titles given the status of submission of IGA, and make the score in the IGA Score System online. Please only apply if you accept the responsibility as a jury member.
    3. Please review each submitted titles for at least 30 minutes with respect and fairness.
    4. All communication and notification in the jury committee will be made via Email correspondence. Please make sure the provided Email address is correct and reachable.
    5. Jury members are expected to be neutral. Once any links/interests between the jury and the contestant are proven to be true, disqualification of jury membership will be in effective immediately.
    6. Please respect the intellectual property of others. Do not reveal any game content from the contestants without their permission. Violators will be removed from the jury committee immediately, and personally held legal responsibility.
    7. Event coordinator of IGA reserves the right to amend the content of the event, and is obligated to notify the changes to jury committee and the participating teams via Email.

IGA Review Process

We aim to make Indie Game Award as the best place for indie developers to promote innovative indie game titles with prestige and international media exposure, and we expect to create an environment for all participants to discuss and learn from each other during the process.

The nominees will be selected from the cross-review mechanism in the Pre-selection Stage. After the nominees are selected, our jury committee will conduct a detailed review with each nominated game, reach a consensus on the scores and deliver the final winner for each category.


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