TGS Updates
Scale of B2B Zone Reaches New High

Digital Marketing Companies & Publishers Are Major Exhibitors

2018 Taipei Game Show (TGS) B2B Zone and INDIE GAME FESTA, an important indicator of the gaming industry, kicked off at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 on January 25. Game developers, publishers, advertising agencies, third-party payment companies, and digital marketing agencies from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, India, Indonesia, Canada, the UK, Thailand, Macau, Israel, Spain, France, Poland, Finland, Malta, Vietnam, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. With digital marketing agencies, money-flow providers, and game publishers being the major exhibitors this year, it is evident that the B2B Zone of TGS is effective in driving the industry.

Key Roles of Industry Attend to Expand the Scope of Their Business

This year, TGS has invited many top-tier companies and governmental agencies around the world, including Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA), Jeonnam Global Game Center (JNGC), and Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA). Other renowned companies include Facebook, MOL AccessPortal, the third-party payment company under MOL, the biggest online service provider in Southeast Asia, Malaysian game publisher CiB Net Station, Malaysian game developer Passion Republic, Mangus Games Studio, a developer that has received rave review on Kickstarter, Cloud Creative Studio, a Japanese developer of the latest horror game for VR and launched the latest version of V-Revolution, and Youngsan University, which has co-hosted the first VR Hackathon in South Korea with BIPA. Passion Republic has many experiences in developing AAA games, it has also participated in the making of “Uncharted 4”. Its game “Re:legend” got 99% of positive reviews on indie game developer platform Square Enix Collective. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to promote their own products and seek business opportunities.

As for Taiwanese exhibitors, there are excellent local developers and publishers including Butterfly Digital Entertainment, FunYours Technology, Chinese Gamer International, WeGames, InterServe International, Lager Network Technologies, JFI Games, A.R.T. Games, SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT, eHooray, CELAD, and Awesome Global Investment Holdings. Xpec Art Center, crowdsourcing platform WeBackers, and digital marketing agencies such as Portable Marketing, Mobvista, Act Media, D2C, SaaS provider Digicentre Company, and NOX are also on the list. The exhibitors will be able to exchange experiences and views with international exhibitors at TGS, so as to further strengthen Taiwan’s position as a key player in the gaming industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Record-Breaking INDIE GAME FESTA Boasts Mobile Games

This year, a record-breaking total of 175 indie game developers came across Asia, Europe, and North America are visiting INDIE GAME FESTA, which exhibits over a hundred games on PC, console, mobile, and VR/AR platforms. Of the games on exhibition, games on mobile devices account for the majority and games by developers from Taiwan top the list, with 67 game titles on display. In addition, dozens of indie developers are visiting from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and South Korea. Moreover, award-winning and commercially successful teams are also coming to INDIE GAME FESTA, including Broken Rules from Austria, Wube Software from the UK, Funomena from the US, NEKO WORKs from Japan, The Gentlebros from Singapore, SIGONO from Taiwan, Toii from Taiwan, Noxy Games from Taiwan, RNOVA Studio from Taiwan, Ogre Head Studio from India, Kaigan Games from Malaysia, C4Cat Entertainment from Hong Kong, Pixel Perfex Studios from Thailand, and more.

Thousands of business buyers from across the globe are visiting TGS 2018 B2B Zone, with those from Japan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong accounting for the majority of buyers. In addition, TGS is also welcoming business buyers from Singapore, the US, Thailand, Malaysia, Belgium, the UK, the Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, France, Vietnam, Poland, Paraguay, and India, celebrating the growing importance of its B2B Zone over the years.