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Editor’s Review: Somewhere over the rainbow, what do you see?

A game with brilliant scenes, great soundtracks and the impressive storyline is always under many spotlights, but which also becomes a stereotype. Tons of gaming big brands invest a bunch of money on developing since they have enough resources to build a team. But if an indie dev is under a circumstance without enough budget and limited manpower, what is the most possible way to make their dream game?

While we’re thinking the solution, Next Studio from China already overcame this problem. Without the vivid game scenes, the black and white were the major color they applied in “Iris.Fall “. So winning the Best visual arts in INDIE GAME AWRAD of Taipei Game Show was the best repay to them.

Black N White, Shade N Light. Just a few simple effects to bring you a different gameplay experience

“Back to black” this is the simple concept of “Iris.Fall”. With the art background, they mentioned the stylish game (with brilliant designing and colorful scenes) was what they really wanted to do at the first place. But due to the lack of the manpower, the first version was not satisfying. After times of failures, Next Studio also knew most of the games were always applied with high saturation color to create more visual impacts. To think out of the box and jump out their comfort zone, why not choose to make a puzzle game? Just 2tsp of colors, 1 cup of character, 1tsp bottled love, which was NOT the power puff girls but “Iris.Fall”.

The other side of the rainbow, make an effort on “Iris.Fall”

The representative of Next Studio mentioned that under the premise of the lack of resource, they still tried the best to make everything happened. Everyone in the team was responsible for many tasks to work more efficiently. The most important thing is all the members needed to be on the same page even if it was not the best solution to the problem. To them, everything is based on trust and honesty, so if you have a dream, find your pals and go for it together, and never being afraid of “try error”

Next step of “Iris.Fall”

So far, there is no sequel plan for the game. Except for the PC version on Steam, they’re going release on console and mobile in this year (2019).

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