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【TGS INTERVIEW】 Can I get your number, please? Get away with Tinder! Try to make a real friend face to face

#Editor’s Review: So much pressure if I can’t pass all the game levels. Why don’t we just play some cute board games instead?

Under such a sophisticated generation, people tend to exaggerate something in order to catch others attention. But Party Goose Studio broke the rules, and creates an interesting and warm piece with the intention of “gathering people together in our real-life”. Party Goose Studio ”Gerritory” with the core value of “interaction”, was created by a group of student. Based on this purpose, it also provides various game features such as different types of grids, items and special environment events in levels. With all of these efforts, they won “Best Design” in INDIE GAME AWARD, Taipei Game Show.

I think it’s easy to create a game for all ages, isn’t that right? (Doubt face)

The team said they just wanted to make a simple game which people could get involved in it easily, so that’s how “Gerritory” was born. It was not easy for them to get started as a student team, who were lack of funds, experiences but with tons of schoolwork instead. Because of these “force majeure” (too serious term but true), they spent much time after class to optimize their games. In contrast, creating a new game level or a function, rebuilding the source code was much harder since they had no idea about managing a project, which different kinds of problems kept coming day by day like a loan shark ring (no offense).

After conquering all these challenges, they earned great and unique experiences…not from class or any encyclopedia. Many games were faced the “redesign” issue due to the difficulty of each level was pretty uneven which caused the gamers may be hard to get involved in it easily. So Party Goose Studio mentioned that in order to stretch the lifeline of “Gerritory”, they came up with some unconventional ideas to win the game such as “maximum leverage”.

Next Step of “Gerritory”

So far, the game has already reached their goals already, they’ll keep modify some parts, and hope it’ll be able to release in the mid-year. No matter what reasons, don’t miss this special work if you’re interested in party games or you want to make some new friends.

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