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Indie Game Award 2018 Winners Announced: "Old Man’s Journey" Takes Home the IGA Grand Prix

Indie Game Award 2018 Winners Announced: "Old Man’s Journey" Takes Home the IGA Grand Prix

Indie Game Award (IGA), now in its fourth iteration, is created by Taipei Game Show to encourage and discover outstanding indie game developers around the world as a way to help them make global appearance. This year, a total of 86 games are enrolled and 22 make their way into the final round to compete for awards in eight categories including Best Narration, Best Visual Art, Best Audio, Best Design, Best Innovation, Best VR Game, Best Mobile Game, and IGA Grand Prix. And here are the final winners:

【IGA Grand Prix & Best Visual Art】

  • Title: Old Man’s Journey
  • Developer: Broken Rules Interactive Media
  • Country of Origin: Austria

The double-award winner "Old Man’s Journey" is as much a game as an illustrated book, which tells a story of life experiences. Though brief, the game brings us a story with deep meanings of life. Without a single word, it evokes rich and powerful emotions through sounds and images, while preserving a smooth and whole gameplay experience. An old man with furrowed brow embarks on a lonely journey of memories. As a third person, the player gets to see through the eyes of the old man, touch the objects along the way on his journey, and take a peek at the memories he holds dearly. Time never ends, but life does. What would be the last scene you remember when your life reaches its destination?

【Best Narration】

  • Title: OPUS: Rocket of Whispers
  • Developer: SIGONO
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

"OPUS: Rocket of Whispers," a sequel to "OPUS: The Day We Found Earth," has garnered 3 million downloads for SIGONO and is the winner of “Excellence in Art” at IMGA SEA. The game depicts a world with two only survivors, who scavenge the snowy wasteland for parts to build a rocket for the "space burial," which sends all the remembrance remained in this world back to the Galaxy of Whispers, which is believed to be the origin and final destination of life. A story with deep and long-lasting meaning, with rich and refined music and a plot cast in an apocalyptic world, plus delicately balanced game pace, all makes this arduous adventure even more enjoyable.

【Best Audio】

  • Title: Songbird Symphony
  • Developer: Joysteak Studios
  • Country of Origin: Singapore

With brain-washing rhythms, "SongBird Symphony" provides simple yet addicting challenges that earned it the Judge’s Choice in GameStart Indie Awards 2017. As a little “song bird” in the game, the player must listen to the rhythm and then jump up and down to the beat. This seemingly simple side-scrolling game is hidden with unexpected frustrations that could really challenge your skill and patience. It is a perfect blend of music and gameplay.

【Best Design】

  • Title: Qinoto
  • Developer: Studio Flip
  • Country of Origin: Australia

Paper folding on mobile devices! The ever-lasting fun of paper folding has gained an interesting twist in this mobile game from Studio Flip. In "Qinoto," the player needs to solve a picture puzzle in each level by folding the paper on the screen. Simply fold the paper to create a new picture to unlock the secret hidden in the picture. Join Qinoto and the little witch on an exciting adventure of paper folding fun.

【Best Innovation】

  • Title: Un-Destined
  • Developer: Zinno Studio
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

An IndieCade 2017 nominee, "Un-Destined" is an escape room game that combines VR with physical electronic equipment. In the game, the brain of the protagonist starts to develop anomalies because of pressure and emotion buildup as he gets older. The mission of the player is to steer a submarine into the brain to remove the anomalies and bring the brain back to health. It is a job that requires team work between the VR world and the physical world, thus creating an exciting mixed reality gaming experience.

【Best VR Game】

  • Title: Luna
  • Developer: Funomena
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Winner of the biggest award in 2017 VRCORE Awards, "Luna" presents the circle of life on a planet. It brings puzzle solving in a VR world with intriguing mechanics and a rich environment that the player can interact with. It also boasts incredibly beautiful music and art, which are as enjoyable as the gameplay itself. No verbal guidance is provided throughout the game, so the player needs to follow a young bird, which has caused all this chaos, to restore the Moon.

【Best Mobile Game】

  • Title: Cat Quest
  • Developer: The Gentlebros
  • Country of Origin: Singapore

The Visitor's Choice winner in GameStart Indie Awards 2017, "Cat Quest" is a 2D open-world ARPG. As a cute little cat, the player is tasked with all kinds of missions. The game has received considerable high comments for its highly finished game world, fluent and enjoyable gameplay, and fast-paced and action-packed combats.