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#Editor’s Review: With a serious attitude to everything in your daily life, perhaps it’ll make your dreams come true

Maybe you never played music game before, but at least you’ve known some special IPs such as “Dance Dance Revolution”, “O2Jam” and “Taiko Drum Master”. “Cross Over” is an icon of music game which combines 2 different elements together successfully, then here comes Metronomik “No Straight Roads”!

Metronomik, which comes from Malaysia, gathering the devs who used to work for “Final Fantasy XV”, “Street Fighter V”, and designing a whole new game with bright scenes, unique music style to create fantastic gameplay experiences. After winning the Best Audio from INDIE GAME AWARD, they mentioned that couldn’t even imagine their game is popular with all-ages gamers, so this award will encourage them to make a great music game in the future.

When music takes the lead in the game, the key to winning is not how great you can play

Metronomik believed that music is really diversified which motived them to let the strong tempos take the lead in the game. As most of the music games are a little bit difficult to engage in it to someone who is not good at playing instruments and non-pitch perfect. To make all the gamers could really enjoy “playing” the music without any pressure or regular scoring mode, the gamers take the lead as a band to beat up the EDM band from the record company.

Bumping Notes trigger the storyline of “No Straight Roads”

Metronomik has worked on making a delicate arrangement on the music and soundtrack in order to transfer the invisible notes and melody into the physical “gaming weapon”. As most of the songs in music games will get more and more difficult when the levels upgrade, which made they decide to invite the musicians and designers to get involved in the developing process. So technically speaking, the difficulty index of gameplay was decreased, but the storyline became more exquisite. 

Think out of the box, and let your inspiration explodes!

To those who plan to take the game industry as the career, they mentioned there’s a disparity between making 3A games and indie games due to the lack of resources. This situation seems to be like a crisis, but Metronomik made it into a chance by giving a great gameplay experiences to gamers from version to version instead of staying in the comfort zone to make their “own” game which will definitely cause a blind spot without any interactions with others.

Next Step of “No Straight Roads”

Metronomik said that the soundtrack is under planning now, also, there might have opportunities to cooperate with well-known artists or musicians as the “BOSS” in the game for their sequel. Though it still needs to observe how “No Straight Roads” is going to be like in the near future, the sequel plan is in the spotlight for sure since the remarkable team members have already made a great achievement in their career. Here is the fan page of Metronomik: