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Taipei Game Show attracts French company XTR4L1F3 as a first-time exhibitor


Taipei Game Show attracts French company XTR4L1F3 as a first-time exhibitor


Taipei, Taiwan - 2019/01/14. Taipei Game Show (TGS) 2019 will kick off on January 24th with the B2B Zone, where global gaming companies gather for business opportunities. Taiwan is one of the most dynamic Asian gaming markets, and French company XTR4L1F3 is clearly aware of this fact. That’s why the company chose to exhibit this year for the very first time at the Taipei Game Show, in the B2B Zone. The software server platform company is invited by Business France (the agency supporting the international development of French economy) and will be the only French exhibitor.

The potential for growth is considerable: XTR4L1F3 platform is tailored for many game developers willing to integrate social, location-based gaming and multi-player features, but lacking resources. The integration operated by XTR4L1F3 is easy and affordable. It can help small and medium sized studios grasp those important functionalities to attract more savvy gamers in our ultra-connected era. This way, it can foster creativity, and enable studios to concentrate on their core competency: designing the game itself. As France has a large pool of talented independent developers too, the gaming industry in Taiwan will benefit from the company’s successful experience and know-how.

While the demand for new games continue to increase, more companies providing development tools are also present in the market to lend game developers a helping hand. XTR4L1F3 is an Open Source server software that can simplify growth for developers. Using XTR4L1F3, they can easily integrate features such as leaderboards, clans, inventory management and multi-player mode into games. Compatible with both iOS and Android systems, the platform can be used for mobile and PC games. XTR4L1F3, a two-time finalist for Mobile Games Awards, has already collaborated with several independent studios around Europe, including Pastagames, The Game Bakers, and Code Glue.

“Taiwan is one of the most dynamic markets in Asia, driven by the passion of its players, the revenue that they generate, and by the creativity and the quality of the local companies. This makes Taiwan a leader of the gaming market in Asia and around the world, and thus a vital market for XTR4L1F3 to be present”, says Wandrille Pruvot, CEO of XTR4L1F3.

XTR4L1F3 will be meeting developers and publishers at Taipei Game Show B2B Zone on January 24th and 25th, don’t miss them!


About the Taiwanese and the French gaming market

As the Taiwanese gaming market and game development competences gain more visibility, Taiwan is well on its way to become a force to be reckoned with in the international gaming industry (15th largest game market in the world, with 1.3 billion spending in 2018, according to Newzoo). With a favorable environment where top-notch gaming hardware and peripherals are easily accessible, a huge number of passionate players, increasing support from the government and the promotion of related trade shows such as Computex, there is an emergence of big gaming companies as well as a plethora of Taiwanese indie developers.

In parallel with the current buzz of gaming in Taiwan, the gaming industry is also flourishing and becoming a   sector that cannot be ignored within the cultural creative industries in France. According to a study published in February 2018 by the French gaming organization Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs, 86% of the French people consider the gaming sector to be innovative, and 62% think of gaming as a positive activity. Another report recently released by SNJV and IDATE indicates that there were 1,200 games in production in 2018 in France, representing a 43% increase compared with the previous year. The report also mentions that 93% of the interviewed companies consider themselves as “independent”, and among them 56% were established less than five years ago. All these numbers show that the French gaming industry is indeed currently going through a boom.


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