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Tencent Games Announces GWB Innovation Awards 2020


 [Shenzhen, China] [February 1, 2020] – the Game Without Border (GWB) team, part of [the leading global platform for game development, publishing and operation], will showcase its [GWB Game Awards 2020] at the Taipei Game Show 2020. As an exhibitor at B2B Zone, an event bringing together more than 2,400 industry professionals from 25 different countries and every segment of the business, GWB will be able to connect with the industry and share unbelievable opportunities, expertise and assistance with developers from around the world who attend the Taipei Game Show.

Indie developers and industry groups can visit the GWB Booth in order to learn more about:

  • GWB’s mission to discover and support the most impressive and innovative games in the indie gaming space.
  • The GWB Game Innovation Support Plan which includes consultancy, testing and technical support (via their in-house experts group), funding support (from the Tencent Gameplay Innovation Fund) and more.
  • The GWB Innovation Awards, run in collaboration with industry partners such as Tencent Cloud, Intel, Sony Interactive Entertainment and ID@Xbox.

Developers interested in the mainland Chinese game industry are encouraged to visit the GWB booth where Tencent Games staff will be available to answer their questions and talk more about GWB activities. 

GWB is looking for the standout projects that are currently in development, especially ones which:

  • are on PC or mobile platforms;
  • innovate in a completely new way; or
  • add a fresh twist on genres / game types already popular in China (such as multiplayer, survival, open-world, sports etc.). 

Geralt Yuan, Project Manager of GWB said, “GWB is committed to identifying and working with the most talented and innovative indie developers around the world the Taipei Game Show 2020 is timed perfectly for the reveal for our plans for the 2020 GWB Innovation Awards. While there we can talk about our plans for the competition, as well as the many benefits of participation. We strongly believe we have an incredible package available to indie developers, and this event is a fantastic opportunity to take this message directly to them.”

"We’re pleased Tencent Games chose to exhibit at TGS 2020 as we continue to provide a unique forum for the game industry professionals to exchange ideas, do business, and propel the industry forward. TGS is the main entry for overseas company to enter Taiwanese market and connects APAC region.” said Jesse Wu, CEO of TGS 2020. “Between the innovation on the show floor, dynamic demonstrations, comprehensive Asia Pacific Game Summit, and opportunities to conduct business with colleagues from more than 25 countries, TGS brings it all together in Taipei.”



About GWB:

Game Without Borders is a game support and cooperation platform built by the Tencent Institute of Games. It can provide creative indie developers from around the world with expert consultation, technical support, funding support, promotion and publishing support. It also organizes and runs promotional activities such as the GWB Innovation Awards and GWB Roadshow. In order to make its services more accessible for smaller teams, GWB has also built a platform for direct game submission which can be accessed on its website at For more news, visit the website and follow them on social media – Twitter: @Tencent GWB