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POPJOY Announces CN Arena All Stars

POPJOY to Exhibit at the Taipei Game Show 2020 B2B Zone, February 6-7, 2020

Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea February 6 – POPJOY, ‘Cartoon network Arena’ serviced in Taiwan with 15 country during 2018 to 2019, will showcase its ‘CN ARENA ALL STARS’ at Taipei Game Show 2020. As an exhibitor at B2B Zone, an event bringing together more than 2,400 industry professionals from 25 different countries and every segment of the business, POPJOY will be able to connect with the industry and share leading-edge trends, discoveries and knowledge for the year ahead in Taipei, Taiwan.

From 2018 to 2019, Popjoy served the Cartoon Network Arena in 15 countries, including Taiwan. From 2020, expansion services are available in Europe and South America, covering a total of 160 countries. In response, POPJOY will upgrade existing games and introduce them again. At this Taipei Game Show, POPJOY will showcase ‘CN Arena All Stars’ and seek a partner to launch in early 2020.

 “Taipei Game Show 2020 is the perfect opportunity to successfully reach new buyers, generate leads, increase sales, close deals and strengthen our brand, which is why we’re showcasing CN Arena All Stars” said Peter Kang , CEO of POPJOY. “With an opportunity to build relationships with thousands of buyers from around the globe and from across every industry segment, this was the perfect timing for us to share CN Arena All Stars, which aligns with the expanded services to 160 countries around the world.”

"We’re pleased POPJOY chose to exhibit at TGS 2020 as we continue to provide a unique forum for the game industry professionals to exchange ideas, do business, and propel the industry forward. TGS is the main entry for overseas company to enter Taiwanese market and connects APAC region.” said Jesse Wu, CEO of TGS 2020. “Between the innovation on the show floor, dynamic demonstrations, comprehensive Asia Pacific Game Summit, and opportunities to conduct business with colleagues from more than 25 countries, TGS brings it all together in Taipei.”



Popjoy is a mobile game company in Korea.
Popjoy keeps trying to make global mobile game and investing R&D to server technology for high performance of a REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYING ON GLOBE. We have experience both development and launching 3 Titles and made global partnership with the WarnerMedia Group. Our service will focus on connecting players online via mobile games over the world.
Specialized team for Server Technology - Our team with many speicialists experienced in the server optimization, has a software engine called <Touche System>.
Rich experience with overseas.- We have the experience to produce market-adoptive quality games in relatively very mini sized and low cost based on the systematic production management know-how necessary to publish games in different regions.

Core competencies

  1. A.I Technology for Client-server sync optimization
  2. License of Cartoon network's iconic animation IP
  3. Global marketing platform alliance - Cartoon Network channel



Daniel Joo, Business Manger