2017 Taipei Game Show

“In the Game, To the World.” is the theme of Taipei Game Show next year. With the advances in Virtual Reality, people now will be impressed by traveling through the different worlds in the game like never before. Over 430K public visitors attended this event this year, featuring a total of 1,200+ booths, 331exhibitors from 26 countries. The organizer also partnered with “Twitch”, broadcasting trilingual live-streaming channel for the first time. Meanwhile, TGS was reported over 2000 pieces global news in 14 languages.


B2C Zone (Jan, 20th-24th, TWTC Hall 1) featured tons of famous game companies and teams from 16 countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, France, Poland with PlayStation, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment, SEGA, G2A, etc. And indie house grabbed 52 indie teams from 14 countries, cross over 5 gaming platform, and board game wonderland had 31 exhibitors with 17 original designers, attracting 10,000 visits.

TGS Live X Twitch

This year, TGS live-streaming made a huge wave than ever through broadcasting trilingual channel with strong line-up of broadcasters, which meant people from all over the world could watch our channel to feel the heat of TGS. Our program covered the latest gameplay, board game, online game, mobile game, VR, esports and Twitch-made program. A total view numbers over 2 million, and rating minutes was over 130 as well.


The scale of 2nd indie house rose up dramatically this year. 52 indie teams from 14 countries took part in this event, which means Taiwan has great potential to the game developers to test their new IPs in Chinese version. With special content, unique design and soundtrack, innovative gaming experience, indie game starts arising the gamers’ soul in their deepest mind.

Board Game Wonderland

In 2015, TGS plan Board Game Wonderland for the first time, bringing a fresh look to the exhibition, and building an important platform for local designers to showcase their works. This year, 14 board game companies and 17designers joined us, exhibiting hundreds of great games such as “Magic: The Gathering”, “TCG”, “Yuu Gi Ou”.


In B2B ZONE (Jan. 19th-20th, Section H, TWTC Hall 1), a total of 229 game developers and companies from 26 countries attended. Trade visitors over 1,800 came from 29 countries, which north-east Asia accounted for the highest proportion, also, the publishers and developers were two major buyers with 3,000+ business meetings sessions. This time, TGS made an effort to cooperate with Korea, Japan, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK to create more communication in global game industry.


INDIE GAME FESTA gathered the best indie game developers to showcase their game and sharing experiences, attracting 146 teams from 22 countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, UK, Philippine, Canada, Indonesia, India, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Austria, Italy and Germany.

Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS)

APGS (Jan. 19th-20th, Sec. Fl., TWTC Hall 1) covered 23 speeches, including Chinese, English, Korean with 2500 public visits. “Industrial Trends”, “Marketing and Promotion”, “Indie Game”, “Virtual Reality” were four major topics of our sessions. The speakers were invited from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, USA and Netherland to share their experiences in game industry, communicating with our speakers from HTC Vive, Facebook, Riot Games, Mixi.