Q1:What is the difference between Indie Game Festa and Indie House?
A1:Indie Game Festa is about business and networking with international game professionals like publishers, operators, developers, etc., Indie House provide direct contact to gamers.
Q2:My work is still under development, can I submit it?
A2:Yes, you can. The only thing we ask for the exhibitor is to display a playable demo during the showcase.
Q3: Do I have to pay for the application?
A3:Nope. The application is for free.
Q4:Can I bring a poster or banner to decorate the booth?
Indie Game Festa: Yes, you can. We encourage exhibitors to utilize the booth space to make your booth as appealing as possible, as long as it does not interfere with other exhibitor booth space.
Indie House: No, you shouldn't. But we will arrange the decoration for exhibitors with the promotional resource you provided. So don't forget to submit the required document.
Q5:Do I need to bring my own device for showcasing the game?
A5:Yes, you will need to bring your own device (notebook, tablet, cellphone, desktop, etc.) to demonstrate a playable demo of your game. But for some devices like TV screen, you can rent it from our cooperated supplier.
Q6:Can I bring my child to the entire events?
Indie Game Festa: No, you shouldn't. As for the TWTC regulation, admission to the business events and programs are limited to those in the game business and press. People who are under 18 years old or attending for purposes other than business will not be admitted.
Indie House: Yes, you can. You can come visiting the show once you have the exhibitor pass or the tickets.
Q7:What about the questions of the VISA from overseas developers?
A7:Please contact us directly: jack_cheng@mail.tca.org.tw
Q8:Other details about the showcase?
A8:The organizer will inform the exhibitors via correspondence before the showcase.