Board Game Wonderland

Board Game Wonderland- Application Method

Application Method

  1. 1.Date: January 26th – 28th
  2. 2.Location: Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 (No.6, Songshou Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei, Taiwan)
  3. 3.Application Method ※ Space limited
Program Applies to Offering Discounted Fee
Workshop Booth Table-top game design team
  1. a display board & 4 chairs
  2. an area for poster
  3. a set of demo table with 4 chairs (please check in the application form)
Free of charge with
deposit USD$ 300

Enterprise Unit

Table-top game agents or distributors
  1. Each unit space is 9 square meter (3M×3M). Booth Fee includes essential power supply of 500W and basic shell scheme, which includes partition, booth number, company name, carpet, 3 project lights, 110V outlet, 2 folding chairs.
  2. Each unit may apply a set of demo table placed in public space.
USD$ 1,300(Tax included)
+ deposit USD$ 300
  1. 4.Notice
    1. 1)Notice for those applying for workshop booth
      1. A.Must have something to sell or demo. Half-finished demo is not acceptable.
      2. B.Must have a least 1 staff at the demo table. Exhibitor is responsible for his/her own belongings.
      3. C.Each workshop has 1 display board (L120*W60*H75 CM), 4 chairs, and each application form could apply 1 demo table (also with 4 chairs) at most, which will be arranged next to your display board.
      4. D.The posters (W60*H60 CM) will be printed out and posted by the organizer.
      5. E.There are only 20 seats for the workshop. Those who have new product after July 1st, 2018 will be given priority (please provide relevant information). The rest are in order of application.
      6. F.The list of admission will be announced on Nov 12th.
      7. G.The deposit should be transfer via KKTix, further instruction will be provided.
    2. 2)Notice for those applying for enterprise unit
      1. A.Each unit may apply for a set of demo table (with a table and 4 chairs) in public space.
      2. B.The exhibition fee includes basic shell scheme for each unit and will not be refunded if the exhibitor chose not to use. If the exhibitor has any other design requirement, you may contact the organizer with additional decoration charges.
      3. C.Column in the booth: if there are columns in your booth, you will get a USD$100 discount for each unit that meets the column.
        Adjacent to 6-meter (and over) wide hallway: an addition of USD$100 will be added for each unit adjacent to 6-meter or wider hallway.
    3. 3)The offerings of Board Game Wonderland are fixed. The exhibitor is responsible for any extra equipment or decoration.
    4. 4)Booth and demo table location is arranged by the organizer. The organizer will announce the arrangement before November 30th, 2018
    5. 5)The exhibitor must participate in the organized event, such as on-site event, pre-show publicity, and more. If the exhibitor is unable to participate for some reason, the exhibitor must inform the organizer beforehand.
    6. 6)The organizer reserves the right to modify the activities if there are any outstanding issues.
  2. 5.On-site event
    1. 1)On-site event
      1. A.If the visitor purchase over a certain amount in Board Game Wonderland, the visitor may have a lucky draw to get great awards.
      2. B.This event is organized by the organizer; the exhibitor has automatically joint the event and does not need to pay extra effort. If the exhibitor is unable to participate in the event, please notify the organizer beforehand.
    2. 2)Shopping Guide
      1. A.The organizer will arrange a list of exhibitor’s products for visitors to carry around so the visitor has a better shopping experience.
      2. B.If you want your products to appear on the list, please fill out the form “Shopping Guide Information” and hand it in before Nov 30th via email. (
    3. 3)Stage Event
      To increase the interactive of gamers, the organizer is planning a stage space for table-top game design team to host autography sign-ups, exchange program, and other activities. The application for stage event will be provided later on demand.
  3. 6.Advertising Plans
    1. 1)Online and offline advertising
      1. A.The organizer will co-operate with local table-top game stores and college clubs to promote the event.
      2. B.The organizer will publish the press release, and Showdaily focuses on Board Game Wonderland.
      3. C.The organizer will use official website and social platform to promote the event. D.The organizer will use banners, show-map indicator, and other on-site positions to promote the event.
    2. 2)The organizer is also open to any kinds of promotion, if you have any idea or if you are willing to co-operate in terms of promotion, please send your proposal to


  1. 1.Application period: until Oct 31st, 2018. Or until space is full
  2. 2.Please send the scan file with the signature to, and please check the following applying steps:
Table-top game design team Table-top game agents or distributors
Step1: Send the scan file with your signature Step1: Send the scan file with your signature
Step2: Received the “Confirmation Letter” Step2: Complete the payment within 2 weeks
Step3: Complete the payment within 2 weeks Step3: Fill out the forms “Shopping Guide Information” and “Company Introduction” before Nov. 30th via mail.
Step4: Fill out the forms “Shopping Guide Information” and “Company Introduction” before Nov. 30th via mail.
  1. 3.Remittance Info:
    Beneficiary Bank: FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK
    Branch of Bank: PATEH BRANCH
    A/C No.(USD): 148-40-001581
    Bank Address: NO,111 SEC. 1 TUN HWA S. ROAD TAIPEI TAIWAN R.O.C
    ※Please notify the organizer once you complete the transaction.
    ※The deposit shall be fully returned if no violation against the regulation during the exhibition


Taipei Computer Association (Taipei Game Show)
3F, No. 2, Sec. 3, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei 10558, Taiwan
Sherry Yang
+886-2-2577-4249 ext. 916