TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 Overview & Registration

TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0

WHY you should use TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0?


  It is a FREE business matchmaking platform that focused on gaming industry.


  You can preview hundreds of TGS B2B Zone exhibitors’ profile and their latest products in the system


  You can have virtual meetings or swap business cards with companies you desire in the system

WHO can use the TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0?

People who work in “gaming industry” can make registration. Each email can have apply for an account.
*Game Industry includes Art and Animation, Game Development, Publisher/Agency, IP Licensing, Advertisement, Digital Media Marketing, Event Management, Gaming Hardware, Software, Game Platform, Payment Solution, Localization, Venture Capital, Crowd-funding Platform.

HOW does TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 works?

The registration will be started on May 18. The organizer will review your application and send the confirmation letter within 3 working days. You can log in the system and find your potential business partners from June 1-24 upon receiving confirmation letter. You can either send meeting requests for virtual zoom meetings, which will be held on June 23-24 (10am to 5pm, GMT+8), or make requests for business card exchange to those of who you are interested in.


  1. Please follow business etiquette and netiquette at all times when participating TGS LINK Biz-matching 2.0.
  2. All pending requests will be automatically canceled by the system after 3 working days. Please be sure to check your inbox frequently and reply all requests you are received.