【APGS2021】Review:Newfangled Games / An Outside Perspective in Visual Designs for Games, How We Arrived at Paper Trail. 2021-08-09

Interdisciplinary design

Fred, the speaker from Newfangled Games, talked about why his perspective on game designs is a little different than most. Taking Fred’s background in the textile designs and analog animation, he applied the experiences to the game designs, and explained how disciplines not often associated with each other can offer new and exciting ways of tackling a project.

Inspiration and reference

Following on from the novel perspectives of textile design, Fred went through early inspirations for the game, from both inside and outside the industry, such as old almanacs, paper designs, origami, all the way to woodblock prints, screen prints, card games, and other inspiring indie titles.

Break through the limit

Fred also shared how the technical limitations imposed by the game's core mechanic would have to dictate visual design. With the difficulty of working with top down perspective, he brought out how the importance of clearly defined walkable areas would become a key element, and that would go on to define the final style.


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