【APGS2021】Review:Team9 / Play with Limitation: Making a Game with Only Words 2021-09-14

Zero Experience of Game Design

Wen-Wei, Chen, the speaker from Team9, has the background of graphic and product designs. Chen and his team members didn’t have any experience in game designs when they decided to make a game with the restriction of “only using Mandarin words”. That is where they started their journey on making their own game title “Word Game” and played with the limitation with it.

Unique Gameplay

“Word Game” is a game composed of only Mandarin words. The game scenes, the non-player characters, and even game levels are all illustrated and presented with Mandarin words. Take the character controlled by the player for example, the player’s character is shown as the word “Me” in the game. Player can control “Me” to delete or move other words in sentences to change the meaning of the sentence and crack the puzzle.

Limitation and Restrictions

The Limitation of “making a game with only Mandarin words” seems like it’s restricting the team from a lot of innovative ideas. On the contrary, that limitation actually helped Team9 a lot. With the limitation in mind, the team was able to set up the core design easier and clearer. It also sets the principle of what should do and what should not do during the development of the game. In conclusion, the limitation is what enables the team to create such a unique game.


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