【TGS2024】Taipei Game Show 2024 Dual-level Exhibition Area Opens Simultaneously Experience Over 300 Games in Four Days 2024-01-15

Taipei Game Show 2024 Dual-level Exhibition Area Opens Simultaneously
Experience Over 300 Games in Four Days

The Taipei Game Show 2024 (TGS) is scheduled to take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from January 25th to 28th. This edition stands out for bringing together 377 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions. Notably, the exhibition area will now cover both the 4th and 5th floors for the first time. The event will feature over 300 games spanning popular genres and platforms, including console, PC, mobile, indie games, and board games. Attendees can anticipate the latest game announcements, hands-on experience with unreleased games, exploration of best-selling franchises, participation in esports events, and the discovery of gaming peripherals, among other attractions.

In a significant move, the B2B Zone has been relocated to the 5th floor for the first time. Distinguished gaming expos from Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Singapore will participate as delegation exhibitors. Industry professionals can take advantage of pre-registration until January 23rd, facilitating pre-event meeting arrangements and business card exchanges. Approved business visitors can access the B2B Zone free of charge. The annual Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) conference will host professionals from major publishing labels such as Bandai Namco Entertainment, SQUARE ENIX, SHUEISHA GAMES, and Ubisoft, sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes insights. Additionally, two thematic sessions will explore trending topics such as the metaverse, Web 3.0, and generative AI.

#B2C Zone
Complete floor plan revealed, the latest trending games are all here.

The B2C Zone has released a comprehensive list of exhibitors, with Nintendo making its second appearance in TGS and having the upgrading booth size. Nintendo's showcase includes titles like Super Mario Bros. WonderPikmin 4Super Mario RPGSONIC SUPERSTARSDetective Pikachu: Lightning ReturnsThe Legend of Zelda, and the Kirby Portal series. Noteworthy contributions come from WEMADE, a prominent Korean developer showcasing the Open World MMORPG masterpiece NIGHT CROWS using Unreal Engine 5, and Bandai Namco Entertainment with demos of titles like Tekken 8SAND LAND, and SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada. KOMOE GAME introduces popular titles like Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains and Umamusume: Pretty Derby. Additionally, the global entertainment hub Qiddiya from Saudi Arabia, integrating gaming and esports events, will debut at the Taiwan exhibition, providing a cutting-edge entertainment experience.

JUSTDAN, Taiwan's leading publisher and distributor of video games, presents over 50 gaming devices for visitors to enjoy, featuring CAPCOM's anticipated titles like Dragon's Dogma 2, the 20th-anniversary celebration of Monster Hunter, and Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town. Koei Tecmo showcases its classic series and complete edition for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a 3A-level dark soul game. Taiwan Mobile Co. has teamed up with Riot Games for the first time to showcase Teamfight Tactics and renowned esports franchises like League of LegendsVALORANTLeague of Legends: Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra. SHUEISHA GAMES, making its exhibition debut in Taiwan, presents multiple titles, including Urban Myth Dissolution CenterPROJECT SURVIVAL #Working titleUKIYOCaptain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions, and SOULVARS. Additionally, SOFT SOURCE introduces the horror game Dreadout 2.

Moreover, the event will host many first-time exhibitors. Clouded Leopard Entertainment showcases the Japanese RPG series Ys X - Northern Adventure and The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak. Game Source Entertainment introduces Core KeeperVoice Love On AirGhostrunner 2, and more. Pyro Entertainment's Abyss not only hosts on-site competitions but also offers winners exclusive Taiwan limited-edition weapon costumes. The iconic Taiwanese illustration, Capoo Pals, makes its debut in the gaming universe.

The event boasts numerous cross-platform new games and popular titles, including Aniplex's first playable experience of Hookah Haze, INTI CREATES' unreleased rhythm game GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle, Ubisoft's triple-A mobile FPS game The Division Resurgence, and CAPCOM's licensed mobile game Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. HoYoverse presents the new title Zenless Zone Zero, a soothing idle game Go! Go! Muffin, the pixel-style action-adventure Prometheus, and the retro-fantasy RPG Chronomaze. Additionally, the classic title integrated with new Web 3.0 technology, Ragnarok Landverse, and the globally popular mobile game GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, will all join the festival.

The annual TGS STAGE, attracting numerous audiences each year, will once again feature nearly 6.5 hours of esports events, Including three major IPs: Just Dance 2024 Edition, along with popular fighting and basketball games. Clouded Leopard Entertainment invites Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo to Taiwan, adding special stage events and autograph sessions.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, "Board Game Wonderland" will gather 35 publishers and studios, offering a festive atmosphere for children and adults alike. The section includes popular board games like Magic: The GatheringOne Piece Card Game, and the newly launched Azur Lane Trading Card Game. Exhibitors range from Japanese companies Oink Games, GOTTA2 GAMES, and @Dokkoi_JP to Hong Kong's Liner Note Studio and Taiwan Boardgame Design, bringing over 80 outstanding board games.

The "Indie House" breaks records this year with 123 indie game developers and publishers from 16 countries/regions globally, showcasing more than 150 indie games. International marketers Ukiyo Studios and publisher HypeTrain Digital will present outstanding indie games from New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus, Poland, Japan, and more. Several well-known Taiwanese indie game developers, including Red Candle Games, SIGONO, and 7QUARK, are joined by their latest works. The organizer also collaborates with Singapore's Indie Wavemakers, offering live stage activities to gather outstanding developers worldwide, bringing an international program to gamers.

Additionally, from January 26 to 27, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (GMT+8), Taipei Game Show ONLINE will broadcast simultaneously on the official media partner Do Not NOW’s YouTube channels, Bilibili, and Huya, featuring four exciting programs. These include interviews with game producers and the debut content of the game Heroes of the Citadel by the new game platform Stay tuned for the exciting content.

#B2B Zone
The first gaming industry networking event that kicks off 2024
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The floor plan for the B2B Zone has been officially released, attracting 108 exhibitors from 17 countries/regions. It covers a wide range of fields, including indie game developers, developers, publishers, payment service providers, localization services, marketers, art and animation designers, sound producers, blockchain service providers, and more. Business visitors can easily gain insights into industry dynamics and explore potential partners.

The B2B Zone is divided into two major exhibition zones. The general exhibition zone includes locally listed companies such as Soft-World International Corporation, Chinese Gamer International Corp, and SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC, as well as the subsidiary company of Sony Group, So-net Entertainment Taiwan Limited. Additionally, various overseas industry leaders participate, including Xsolla, AppsFlyer, Cloudflare, BACKND, and Gravity. For the first time, there is an exhibitor from Gibraltar – Readygg, a Web 3.0 game development tools and platform services provider.

In the "Indie Area," excellent developers from around the world gather. Exhibitors include Sad Owl Studios from the UK, which received dual nominations at The Game Awards, United Games from Brazil, selected for the Tokyo Game Show Selected Indie 80, YummyYummyTummy from Indonesia, nominated for SEA Game Awards, and TrueWorld Studios from Singapore. Argentina's Sureksu, winner of the Best Audio Award at the Berlin Indie Prize, will also be present, alongside many outstanding Taiwanese developers such as the Vision Get Wild winner BearBone Studio, the 6th Indie Game Award winner Gamtropy, and the highly rated developer 18Light Game.

Industry professionals can register in advance until January 23. Business visitors from more than 25 countries have already applied. Those who complete the application for game industry business visits can claim a visitor badge for free entry to the B2B Zone. Premium visitor plan applicants can enjoy unlimited business card exchanges and meeting invitations through the business matching system, allowing them to explore the full capacity of networking and business development.

Asia Pacific Game Summit 2024 annual conference - nearly 20 sessions take place

This year's Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) will have in-depth discussions including the secrets behind popular series, featuring series director Katsuhiro Harada and producer Michael Murray from Bandai Namco Entertainment, with 20 years of experience in Tekken. They will reveal secrets behind the continued growth of this fighting game title since 1994 and how to expand and maintain the fan community throughout the process. Teruki Endo, the battle director of SQUARE ENIX's FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, will delve into the thoughts behind the battle system design of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Project.

Abdelhak Elguess, Senior Producer on Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, will share how Ubisoft Montpellier's team presents this classic title, born in 1989, in a whole new way. He will discuss the challenges faced during the development process and the journey it has undertaken. Additionally, SHUEISHA GAMES, a subsidiary of manga publishing giant Shueisha, the officer game development dept director and producer Masami Yamamoto will share insights into the future and goals of SHUEISHA GAMES division.

APGS, in collaboration with the National Development Council Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan, will present the "Dedicated Session: Metaverse Forum." This forum will explore the fusion of generative AI, Web 3.0 technology, and the metaverse.

Also, APGS will have a “Dedicated Session: Emerging Technologies in Game Development”, collaborating with Alibaba Cloud and Gaia Information, covering AR technology, blockchain, Web 3.0, and cloud integration. It will also address the network security challenges and innovative practices in the future gaming world.

There will be more exciting sessions focusing on game development, operations and marketing, cloud services, financial transactions and payments, the metaverse, AI, blockchain, and Web 3.0. Renowned international companies like Cloudflare, Google, Moloco, Inc., The Game Marketer, Worldpay, Xsolla, and others will provide a comprehensive analysis of the gaming industry. Seize this final opportunity to register for free and listen to industry leaders share their insights.

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Date:Jan 25th to 28 th  09:00-17:00(GMT+8)

Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 4F

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Date:Jan 25th to 26th 10:00-17:00(GMT+8)

Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 5F

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Annual Conference

Date:Jan 25th to 26th

Venue:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, 401 Conference Room


Dedicated Session: Metaverse Forum

Date:Jan 25th 13:00-16:40(GMT+8)

Dedicated Session: Emerging Technologies in Game Development

Date:Jan 26th 09:00-12:00(GMT+8)


#2023 Taipei Game Show ONLINE

Date:Jan 26th to 27th 13:00-15:00(GMT+8)

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