【TGS2024】Indie Game Award 2024 Winners Announced, Viewfinder takes the Grand Prix. 2024-01-25

Indie Game Award 2024 Winners Announced, Viewfinder takes the Grand Prix.
8 winners stood out from 267 entrants, claiming the final awards !

One of the largest award that focuses on indie games in Asia, the Indie Game Award (IGA), officially announced this year's winners at Taipei Game Show 2024 (TGS) this morning. Among them, Viewfinder, developed by Sad Owl Studios from the UK, stood out from 267 entrants from 43 countries. Distinguished by its innovative gameplay, exceptional artistry, and seamlessly integrated problem-solving mechanics, Viewfinder showcased outstanding performance on all fronts. The judges unanimously praised its merits, ultimately winning the coveted "Grand Prix" award.

Given the intense competition this year, the winning teams couldn't hide their joy at the moment of victory. The ceremony once again invited Yoshida Shuhei, Head of Indies Initiative at Sony Interactive Entertainment, to present the awards. The four teams receiving awards in person were excited when receiving the trophies from Mr. Yoshida, who has been actively promoting indie games. To provide developers with more motivation, TGS set up a special section for the Indie Game Award 2024 winners, allowing visitors to try out the award-winning titles and experience their unique charm.

Featuring a diverse panel of professional judges
the Indie Game Award winning games demonstrated excellent quality

The IGA has been held for nine years. This year, IGA invited professionals from various fields, including industry experts, relevant academic teachers, game media, and community leaders, as the judges. The judging panel mentioned that there were many high quality games this year which raises the standards for the indie game community.

The winner of "Best Narrative," Nine Sols, was developed by the well-known Taiwanese indie developer Red Candle Games. The unique Taoist punk worldview, combined with the fusion of religion and technology, captivates judges significantly. The exquisite animation and dialogue impressed the judges, making them feel truly immersed in the story. The studio formed by undergraduate students, Futile Games from Taiwan, received recognition for their debut work mossasis, which is a simple and easy game to pick up. Although there is room for improvement, it left a lasting impression, earning the "Best Student Game" award. "Best Visual Art" went without a doubt to Scorn, a dark aesthetic game developed by Ebb Software from Serbia. The judges praised the art style and atmospheric creation, giving it nearly perfect ratings.

Developed by NotGames Ltd., Not For Broadcast skillfully blends media literacy, especially in the age of information explosion, with a satirical incorporation into the broadcast studio setting. Despite the seemingly simple process, small changes in the game's operations lead to entirely different results, earning it the "Best Innovation" award. Against the Storm, winner of "Best Design," was developed by Eremite Games from Poland, combining Roguelite with city-building simulation, jokingly assured by the judges that it is definitely a time-sink game.

Additionally, the Korean studio Buff Studio boldly used blues jazz music as the theme to create the unique music adventure game Blue Wednesday. Its soundtrack with the game's plot won the "Best Audio" award. Salt Game Studio's Relieve, presented in a hand-drawn comic style, beautifully depicts a journey of memories and received recognition as the "Best Mobile Game."

Indie Game Award 2024

Award Category

Country Area


Game Title

Grand Prix

United Kingdom

Sad Owl Studios


Best Narrative


Red Candle Games

Nine Sols

Best Audio

South Korea

Buff Studio

Blue Wednesday

Best Visual Art


Ebb Software


Best Design


Eremite Games

Against the Storm

Best Innovation

United Kingdom

NotGames Ltd.

Not For Broadcast

Best Mobile Game


Salt Game Studio


Best Student Game


Futile Games


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