Taipei Game Show 2021 B2B Zone Hybrid Booth Registration Now Open 2020-09-02
B2C Zone Booth Registration is NOW OPEN! 2020-09-21
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#TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 helps game industry professionals from 30 countries build business relationships online amid coronavirus 2020-07-03
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JeSU、「eスポーツ超学校」設置を発表。超教育協会と共にeスポーツを通じた教育を提供 2020-06-01
台北ゲームショウ主催社、オンラインビジネスマッチングサービス「Taipei Game Show LINK Biz-Matching 2.0」を開設 2020-05-27
Seize global business opportunities in the game industry with Taipei Game Show’s TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 2020-05-27
台北ゲームショウがオンラインビジネスマッチングサービスを開設 2020-05-27
2020 Taipei Game Show to go online in June amid coronavirus pandemic 2020-05-27
April Was A Massive Month For The Games Industry In The US 2020-05-25
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TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 is Now Open for Registration 2020-05-20
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold five million copies digitally in March 2020, most for any console game ever in a single month 2020-04-24
March US game sales jump 35% says NPD 2020-04-22
Facebook is launching a dedicated gaming app to take on Twitch, YouTube 2020-04-20
Gamescom 2020 likely doomed as Germany limits large gatherings through August 2020-04-17
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Microsoft Explains Why Xbox Series X Controller Still Uses Batteries 2020-03-30
GameStop says no indication of PS5, Xbox Series X delays 2020-03-27
[重要通知]新型コロナウイルスの影響を受け、2020年台北ゲームショウ開催中止のお知らせ 2020-03-25
[Official Announcement]Taipei Game Show 2020 is officially canceled due to coronavirus 2020-03-25
GameStop to Close All U.S. Storefronts to Comply with COVID-19 Regulations, Move to Curbside and Digital Service Only 2020-03-23
GOG is offering 27 free games to help you relax at home 2020-03-20
Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Specs Compared - Article 2020-03-19
PS5's Single-Player Promise Must Succeed for Gaming's Greater Good 2020-03-16
Call of Duty League cancels all scheduled live events due to COVID-19 2020-03-13
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What Xbox Series X's 12 Teraflops Actually Means for Graphics, Gameplay 2020-03-06
GamesFirst London 2020, Google I/O cancelled 2020-03-04
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Microsoft’s next Xbox is Xbox Series X, coming holiday 2020 2019-12-13
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2020 Taipei Game Show Receives Offers to Sign International Game Organization Cooperative MOUs at G-Star 2019-12-02
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Taipei Game Show 2020: B2B Zone & Indie House Booth Registration Open! 2019-07-09