B2B Zone Exhibitor/Sponsor Application System
★ 此為海外業者的報名系統,若您為台灣境內依法成立之公司,請至中文版參展報名系統線上報名。

Dedicated to bringing together game, digital contents and ICT industry, Taipei Game Show (TGS) has built an effective matchmaking platform in Asia Pacific, allowing global buyers to find products and explore new business opportunities. As the most important gaming event in Asia, up to 2,500 trade visitors and exhibitors join Taipei Game Show from over 40 countries every year, and over 3,000 meetings happened during the event.

As COVID-19 outbreak continues, the B2B Zone of Taipei Game Show 2022 plans to be held on-line with the most efficient business matching platform. The product showcasing platform and online biz-matching system will be available since December and we are now calling for exhibitors from the globe. If you are exploring business opportunities in Asia, Taipei Game Show 2022 is the event you should not miss!

General Information

Event Taipei Game Show 2022 – B2B Zone
Period *Online Meeting Period: January 20 (Thu.) - January 21 (Fri.), GMT+8
*Biz-Matching System Usage Period: December 6 (Mon.) - January 17 (Mon.), GMT+8
Venue Online event
Organizer Taipei Computer Association https://www.tca.org.tw/en/

B2B Zone Exhibitor Program

Eligibility for Exhibiting: Digital content and game industry professionals

Registration Period 2021/12/1-2022/1/17
Price (VAT inclusive) NT$21,000
TGS SNS Promotion TGS e-newsletter, TGS Website, TGS SNS Channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Access to GAME LINKER Promo and Biz-Matching System
  • Each exhibitor can upload 2 product profiles to GAME LINKER.
  • Each exhibitor can access to the Biz-Matching System with one account and send meeting requests or make card exchange with other exhibitors and attendees.
(*GAME LINKER is a platform that provides B2B matchmaking & showcasing services. You can reach out to 5,000+ industry professionals by showcasing your products/services on the platform.)
Asia Pacific Game Summit
Bundle Package (VAT inclusive)
  • Advertisement Sponsor: NT$31,500 (Original Price: NT$52,500)
  • Single Session Sponsor (15-minute): NT$52,500 (Original Price: NT$89,250)
  • Theme Session Sponsor (60-minute): NT$105,000 (Original Price: NT$ 173,250)

(This bundle discount only offer to B2B Zone exhibitors. Please click here for details of Asia Pacific Game Summit.)

Payment Options
(1) Online payment by Credit Card
The currency of the payment will be NT dollars as the above.
(2) Bank Transfer
When the payment is in overseas wire transfer, the invoice will be issued in US$ plus handling fees. .
  1. Each email can only apply for 1 package.
  2. Applicants can join all the online/offline events during March 2022 to October 2022 that held by the organizer of Taipei Game Show.
  3. The price above is only for oversea companies. If you are company located in Taiwan, please make registration via the 中文版參展報名系統.

Application Process:

  • STEP 1: Submit the application form online
  • STEP 2: The organizer will review the application and issue the payment notice to you within 10 days.
  • STEP 3: Please make the payment via the system on time. (The registration will be canceled by the organizer if the applicant does not make the payment on time.)
  • STEP 4: Once the payment is made, please send an email to inform the organizer. (lulu_lu@mail.tca.org.tw)
  • STEP 5: The organizer will issue a confirmation and receipt to you, and activate your account of GAME LINKER and biz-matching system. Then you can access to upload product profiles and contact with other exhibitors and attendees in the biz-matching system.

Application Regulations

  • All extra banking handling charges, if any, are borne by the applicant.
  • Cancellation: the fee already paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • The organizer reserves the right to reject any application that may be inappropriate for the exhibition theme or may jeopardize exhibition image.
  • The organizer reserves the right for amendment and supplement, and further announcement shall be public on TGS official website.


Click Here for Sponsorship Packages

Contact Information

Taipei Computer Association
(For English) Kellie, ext.243, kellie@mail.tca.org.tw
(For Chinese/Japanese) Lulu, ext.519, lulu_lu@mail.tca.org.tw