Game Linker

GAME LINKER is an online business showcasing platform that dedicates to game industry professionals. GAME LINKER is forged under the harsh circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is making its debut in Taipei Game Show 2021, aiming to act as the go-to hub for every game industry professional around the world.
How does it work?
There are no complicated rules or some mysterious technologies behind the platform. You upload the product that makes you proud, you send out and receive contact information and arrange online meetings, and you successfully acquire the contact that matters to your team. Plain and simple, and effective. GAME LINKER does not act as a platform that helps you close a deal whatsoever, but rather a platform that opens up new pathways for you. If you are in need of new opportunities for your projects and teams, GAME LINKER is the best place for you.
GAME LINKER has a long history in the game industry, and the experience has gathered a tremendous amount of connections and data in the industry. Deeply integrated with the game convention veteran - Taipei Game Show, GAME LINKER is able to provide a highly-efficient business showcasing and matchmaking service to its users. Besides working closely with the iconic game convention, GAME LINKER has its own dedicated team that continuously develops publishers, game developers, investors and service providers for every user in GAME LINKER. If you are looking for the best game business platform in APAC, you are looking right at it. GAME LINKER is the best place for you to showcase, network and grow your business.
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