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BIC Festival
BIC Festival is the annual global indie game festival held in Busan, South Korea. Our festival has been held under the motto of 'by the game developers, for the game developers'. This year, which is our 7th anniversary, we had around 1.31 million views from 42 countries and hold around 121 games from 27 countries.

BICFest was created by and for developers to foster a friendly environment for creativity, sharing, and play between cultures and across borders. Each year, dozens of independent studios and hundreds of developers converge to show their projects, share their inspirations, and help foster a growing global developer community. BIC Festival is kindly welcome all who have a passion for indie games!

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Busan Indie Connect Festival Committee
Busan Indie Connect Festival Committee
Team Eyeball
Wonder Potion
Studio Doodal
The Sane Studio
Metro Blossom