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Koloro Games is a developer for making indie games.
Now STG and AVG are the priciple projects in progress.
Besides, we work in collaboration with publish houses to develop games.
We still have been keeping endeavouring to make different types of games since founded in 2019.
We also have for promoting Tainan local culture.

Mr.King Luo!Don't be kidding

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PC game

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With levels of all difficulties suitable for beginners and experts, this game allows the player to enjoy the thrill of dodging and shooting!

State-of-the-art animation and artistic touch create a realm unique to each stage!

Distinctive characters and a story with quirky twists, punchline everywhere that you can't hide from.

Brand-new style of Ink wash painting makes characters elegant but not rigid!

Diverse collectibles and secrets await your discovery!

Collect scroll of anecdote, discover the unknown secrets of Yamaraja!