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We believe High-Resolution Audio is the future. That's why here at Cyberdrive, we are dedicated to creating Hi-Res products meant for both the Audiophile & the average consumer.

PX1 MQA Audio with E-sports Gaming Headphones

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Product Info

Dual coaxial 2-way Hi-Res speakers, 50mm full-range and 30mm hi-frequency cover Hi-Res range of 20Hz to 40KHz

Internal Cross Over frequency separator perform the crystal clear audio for Audiophile music and Gaming

Super Bass enhancement and 117dB sensitivity , True Digital 384KHz/ 32bit Hi-Res audio decode with 2Vrms output driving the speakers to all frequency at the best

True Digital PCM384KHz Hardware decode with USB2.0 high speed data transfer

The build in ESS Sabre ES9281C Pro Quad DAC can decode music files as PCM384KHz/32bit and DoP5.2M

MQA 384KHz/24 bits unfold HQ music files , Hardware rendered by ESS9281C pro

3.5mm Audio Jack support analog audio to enjoy endless gaming or music