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The mission of Digicentre is to take our more than 20 years of operational experience and use it to deliver premium IaaS and SaaS to digital content industry clients, allowing them to focus their resources more directly on their businesses’ core values.

Digicentre's three major data centers are built on direct peering networks with major telecom providers. Our 24/7 services handle more than 450,000 concurrent users and more than 240 million monthly members. Our operations and services continue to expand.

Digicentre started as the IT department of a major Taiwanese gaming company: Gamania. Seeing the unique gifts and experience that could be offered to clients, the team began to branch out their IDC, security and integration services from there. Today, Digicentre's ownership is shared by publicly listed shareholders, Gamania and MDS.


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Combines local data centers and cloud services to provide the most flexible applications.
- High integration of physical equipment with virtual services
- Highly autonomous and flexible charging
- Professional team provides complete consultancy services
- Stable maintenance and 7x24 NOC monitoring
- Data centers have ISO27001, ISO27017 and ISO27018 certifications
- International internet service, global partners include IBM SOFTLAYER, - Alibaba Cloud, aws, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Tencent Cloud

Safe and immediate content delivery using a global network.
- Improve delivery performance and access content locally
- Distributed architecture slows down DDoS attacks
- Cooperated with Taiwan’s largest telecom carrier
- Distributed multiple telecom carriers for real-time content delivery, providing quick information transmission services
- Enjoy economic and affordable prices and reduce business cost burden