Indie House

Indie House (B2C Zone) Visitor Information

Indie House is a section specifically designed for indie game developers in Taipei Game Show. The section gathers talented developers from around the world, making it a unique place to visit in the show. It is also the best place for you to experience amazing indie games from all over the world. You’d never know what you can find here!

  • Event Name: Taipei Game Show 2023 – Indie House (B2C Zone)
  • Event Time: 09:00 – 17:00, Feb. 2 – 5, 2023
  • Venue: 4th Floor, Area M, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1
  • Ticket:Purchase. *Note: This is the ticket for the B2C Zone. If you are planning to visit the B2B Zone, please visit here to make your registration.

Indie House (B2C Zone) Floor Plan

Indie House (B2C Zone) Exhibitor List

*For the list of the B2B Zone, Check out here

Booth No. Country/Region Exhibitor Name Game Title
C01 Austria Dyadic Games Sikanda
C02 Bulgaria Heart Core Gripper
C03 Italy Jollypunch Games RoboDunk
C04 Sweden Flamebait Games Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist
C05 Taiwan Forson Studio Mamane
C06 Taiwan Ringash Studio Ringash
C07 Taiwan Gearonin Studio EIRA
C08 Taiwan IatroFobia Escape Hospital
C09 Taiwan Kakela*Hane Studio Crescent
C10 Taiwan Meta Rocket Co. Arcade
C11 Taiwan Nobody Studio Echo-Our Voice
C12 Taiwan SharkLord Entertainment Psionic Sentry
C13 Japan HELLO QUEST/ City Connection Turbo inc. Planet Ü
C14 Japan Polaris-x ODDITY FESTIVAL
C15 Taiwan yutuogames HappyTown online
C16 Singapore Illam Software Entertainment Mirage: Ignis Fatuus
C17 Taiwan Digital Crafter Fight of Steel: Infinity Warrior
C18 Taiwan Gamtropy Forestopia
C19 Taiwan Toii Games Urban Legend Hunters 2
C21 USA Muse Games Wildmender
C22 USA White Leaf Stellar Watch
C23 UK Chameleon Games Tamarin
C24 Malaysia RB Wolf Games Once Again
C25 Thailand 952 ICS Extended Universe
C26 Thailand Vermillion Digital Co., Ltd. M.A.S.S. Builder
C27 Taiwan Dusk Dog Studio Portal Dungeon
C28 Taiwan Star Leaping Story Star Leaping Story
C29 South Korea OutsiderKids Riffle Effect
C30 Singapore The Doodle People LLP Peck'em - Bird Brawlers
C31 Taiwan SEALIVER STUDIO The Sight Of Darkness
C33 Taiwan Reformpunk_DevelopmentTeam Reformpunk
C34 Taiwan four dwarfs OverFlood
C35 Taiwan 60919Dormteam Mediator
C36 Taiwan CleanRoom Magic Master House
C37 Hong Kong Dream Engine Games Rotaeno
C38 Hong Kong Gamestry Lab Limited Balance Breakers
C39 Taiwan Ina Studio The Rondeau of Astra
C40 Taiwan Dusklight CO., LTD. Gadvia
S01 South Korea Kiwi Walks WitchSpring R
S03 Taiwan BeanCat Studio Timenote
S04 Taiwan Taiwan Competition Life Technology Company Wedding Plan
S05 Thailand Center 2 Seconds Kyrie and Terra
S06 Taiwan SIGONO OPUS: Echo of Starsong - Full Bloom Edition
S07 Taiwan Asax Game Alice in Clock House
S08 Singapore BattleBrew Productions Cuisineer
S09 Taiwan Beacon of Gmaers Studio Crossing Frontier
S10 Taiwan DAONE GAMES LTD. Hunt-or-Haunt
S12 Italy Jyamma Games Enotria: The Last Song
S13 International Ukiyo Studios Game Selection NA (Publisher with multiple titles)
S14 Taiwan Psychoflow Studio Bionic Bay
Taiwan THEMEr Design Studio The Park Project
Taiwan Glitchport The Pawnshop at No. 17
Taiwan KBfarmers Iso Hut Story
Taiwan Puff Hook Studio Recall : Empty Wishes
S15 Taiwan Mizoriot Creative Company LTD Raid on Taihoku
S16 Taiwan 7QUARK Yasha: Legends of the Demon Blade
S18 Taiwan Art Zero Ltd. Sin Breaker Rig
S19 Japan Q-Games PixelJunk Scrappers Deluxe
S20 Japan Studio Treant Heterotopias
S21 UK Kepler Interactive NA (Publisher with multiple titles)
S22 Taiwan Playmeow Games NA (Publisher with multiple titles)
S23 Taiwan GameFi-Racing Team Gamefi-Racing
S24 Japan Yokaze NA (Publisher with multiple titles)
S25 Japan DANGEN Entertainment NA (Publisher with multiple titles)
S26 Malaysia Passion Republic Games GigaBash
S27 Taiwan JGamers Three Kingdoms: Monopoly
S28 Taiwan Neon Doctrine NA (Publisher with multiple titles)
S29 Taiwan GameNobility BarIsland
S30 Japan Polyscape MISTROGUE
S31 Taiwan Howling Rain 《A.L.I.C.E》