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#TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 helps game industry professionals from 30 countries build business relationships online amid coronavirus


TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0, held by Taipei Game Show (TGS) for the first time, ended successfully on 23rd and 24th June. With over 1,000 game industry users from 30 countries participating in, the two-day event helps industry users to conduct business meetings online. The other two online events, Indie Game Award and INDIE SALON ONLINE, hit 5,000 views in total on TGS official YouTube channel, drawing enormous attention from indie game developers around the globe.


The organizer set up 10 virtual meeting rooms on June 23rd to 24th. All of them were booked up during the two days, reaching 82% of the achievement rate. Game industry users could also exchange business cards online via the Card Exchange function, which generated a total of 4,867 exchanges. On average, each user could reach out to 20 to 30 new partners online.


Besides Taiwan, game industry professionals were mostly from Japan, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. The event also attracted game developers, publishers, and agencies from the U.S., Germany, Chile, the U.K., Spain, and other countries, and venture capitals and fundraisers engaging in the business meetings.


According to game industry professionals who participated in the two-day online event, they said that TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0 assisted them in finding new potential business partners and expanding their businesses without being limited by time and space. TGS LINK not only reflects the growing business opportunities in the global game industry, but also facilitates the interaction and collaboration between game industry professionals. Needless to say, the combination of virtual platforms and traditional expos is expected to become a new trend in the future.