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【APGS2021】Review:GameNobility / Introducing "Sunny Café", a combination of Interactive fiction game and Taiwanese coffee culture!

A special game with a special background

The new AVG game, "Sunny Café", created by the GameNobility, is a romantic interactive fictional game based on Taiwanese coffee culture. The game combines coffee and games to evoke the touching memory of your youth. With the jazzing soundtrack, backstory taken from the reality, and the localized voice acting and script, the game allows you to experience Taiwanese local customs while learning coffee knowledges with ease.

Make more people understand and enjoy coffee

One of the highlights of “Sunny Café” is that it integrates Taiwanese coffee culture and the knowledge of the Third Wave coffee. This session focuses on how to create a game experience that is different from other titles through a cross-industry alliance.

Distinctive game experience by cooperating with the physical cafés

To be standing out from other game titles, "Sunny Café" chose to cooperate with 4 physical cafés. With the cross-industry alliance, "Sunny Café" is able to display their products physically, bring more incomes, and design special drinks and desserts for the game players. These benefits can strengthen the player’s desire to visit the physical cafés and reinforce the connection between the coffee culture and players.


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