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Indie Game Award 2022 Winners Announced

Indie Game Award 2022 Winners Announced

Double Winner "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" Takes Grand Prix and Best Visual Art

Taipei Game Show (TGS) 2022 today announced the winners for the seven major awards of Indie Game Award (IGA) 2022, one of the most coveted awards for indie game developers. The awards ceremony was held online and livestreamed to TGS's official YouTube channel this morning. This year, the highest honor—Grand Prix—goes to "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" from the U.S. Before coming to IGA, this game has already built a reputation upon multiple international awards. It continues this momentum to become the biggest winner at IGA, walking away with the Grand Prix and the Best Visual Art awards. The Taiwanese game "The Legend of Tianding" is awarded the Best Narration for its amazing story against a unique cultural backdrop. The Best Audio goes to "A Musical Story" from France. The Best Design goes to "Peglin" from Canada. The Best Innovation goes to "Dorfromantik" from Germany. And the Best Mobile Game goes to "Blind Drive" from Israel.

IGA online ceremony takes indie developers to the global stage

Now in its 8th iteration since 2015, the Indie Game Award has attracted countless indie developers from around the world to join in the competition over the years. IGA has successfully brought numerous outstanding developers to the global stage. This year (2022), a total of 142 games from 35 countries/regions have enrolled. After two rounds of rigorous selection, only 6 developers are chosen for the final awards. Today, in the livestreamed online awards ceremony, not only do these winners get the chance to share their excitement to the world, gamers around the world also get the chance to know these amazing creators.

As the creator of "The Legend of Tianding" (Creative Games & Computer Graphics Corporation) has said in the ceremony, narration is a big part of this game, so they put in a lot of time and effort to make it right. That is why they are thrilled and feel much honored to get the Best Narration award. The winner of the Best Innovation award — "Dorfromantik" — comes from a 6-member team (Toukana Interactive) based in Germany. They are also very excited to receive the award because this is the very first game they make. As its founder has said, "This is a perfect way to start the year." The Best Design award goes to “Peglin”, a pachinko roguelike game developed by the developer (Red Nexus Games) based in Canada. The game wins over the jury panel with its unique and addictive mechanism. “A Musical Story”, a game that strikes down the Best Audio award, is created by the developer (Glee-Cheese Studio) based in France. It is a game that sets the backdrop in the 70’s, where music plays the center role throughout the entire gameplay.

Moreover, the winning titles have all received high praises from the judges as well. The Best Mobile Game winner "Blind Drive" (developed by Lo-Fi People from Israel) has received thumbs up from all judges for its refreshing gameplay experience, mixing core audible elements with exquisite visual designs. Also, the Best Visual Art and Grand Prix both go to the double award winner "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" from Ember Lab, a game that is considered to be "only one step away from a triple-A blockbuster."

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