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Taipei Game Show Released the Finalists of Indie Game Award 2021 36 Countries, 144 Games running for 8 awards

Indie Game Award, held by Taipei Game Show, has attracted indie game developers around the globe to participate ever since its establishment in 2015. This year, the award reaches its peak to date with 36 countries bringing along 144 games to the competition. Today, the organizer has finally revealed the finalists of the competition.



 Indie Game Award Winning Titles Recognized by the International Community

First Time Finalists from Denmark/Israel/Peru/Netherland/Germany

Indie Game Award dedicates to finding outstanding indie game developers from around the world. Over the years, Indie Game Award has received applications in a total of 692 game titles, including world-renowned indie games such as “Old Man’s Journey”, developed by Broken Rules Interactive Media from Austria, “RPG TIME:The Legend of Wright”, developed by DESKWORKS from Japan, “The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters” and “Replica”, developed by Devespresso Games and Somi from Korea. Indie Game Award wishes to deliver a stage for talented indie game developers to thrive and shine, and create a platform exclusively for indie game developers to exchange insights.


30 games have made it to the final stage of Indie Game Award 2021. Developers from 17 countries are running for the ultimate prize in the indie game competition that gets the most attention in Asia Pacific Region. Games from Denmark/Israel/Peru/Netherland/Germany are all first time nominated at the final stage of Indie Game Award. The winning titles will be announced soon before Taipei Game Show 2021.


※Finalists of Indie Game Award 2021