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【APGS2021】Review:TFL Studios / A deep look into The Eternal Castle production / how to make a game from zero to hero

Work smarter but not harder

Daniele Vicinanzo, the speaker from TFL Studios, works as an art designer of “Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]” in the garage with the other two team members, Giulio and Leonard. The philosophy of the team is “No matter what I'm going to make it.” In this session, Daniele shared how to think and work smarter instead of harder during the production.

Art design 101

Daniele isn’t an experienced art designer. He tried many art techniques in the start of the development, from digital painting, 3D modeling to shader and so on. Despite the art techniques are indispensable in art design, Daniele says the designers should focus on sensing the flow of actions to make the animation more consistent.

An old good time with a new good game

Making a game in CGA is the vision of TFL Studios. “Eternal Castle [REMASTERED]”is built to give a nostalgic feeling by combining old-style of art with new-style of game mechanic. With a good balance of old and new, this game can not only optimizes the game experience but also bring the gamers back to the old good time.


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