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GAME LINKER Match Up! Connecting Global Businesses Game Developers Gathered on APGS - INDIE SALON Online

GAME LINKER Match Up! Connecting Global Businesses

Game Developers Gathered on APGS - INDIE SALON Online

Taipei Game Show (TGS) launched GAME LINKER, an online business showcasing platform that dedicates to game industry professionals, in this January.The platform aims to connect global game business opportunities and to provide business matchmaking services to the industry.The organizer has organized a series of events including Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) - INDIE SALON Online andGAME LINKER Match Up! #S1 starting from June 1. 89 game companies from 15 countries/regions have completed 307 one-on-one online meetings.

Game Developer Gathered on APGS - INDIE SALON Online, Receiving Great Response from the Community

Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) kicked off the events on June 1 with INDIE SALON Online,a forum dedicates to indie game developers to exchange ideas. The organizer invited 3 talented indie game developers -Newfangled Games from the UK, The Ore Studio Limited from Hong Kong, and Team9 from Taiwan, to share their experiences on the game development.The 3 online sessions attracted nearly 1,000 views on the first day, and generated extensive discussion in the community.

GAME LINKER Match Up! with Business Matchmaking 24/7 Around the World

The GAME LINKER online business platform rolled out a brand new event, Match Up! – the themed business matchmaking event on June 2 - 3 and June 9 -10.The two matchmaking themes were set to be Mobile Game Developer and Taiwan Game Market. The event attracted buyers from 15 countries:China, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, Chile, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Germany, and South Korea.Professionals from game publishers, distributors, and game developers have all participated the event.Some of the highlights are the well-known industry giants such as Gravity from Korea, AsiaSoft, and Ini3 Digital from Thailand,SOFTSTAR, Soft-World and So-net Entertainment from Taiwan. The GAME LINKER has successfully facilitated the international collaboration via the four-day matchmaking event, delivering a platform for participants to conduct one-on-one meetings without the barriers of time and space.

GAME LINKER provides year-round online business networking and matchmaking services.Currently, 127 companies from 22 countries have uploaded 150 award-winning games and products onto the platform.The platform has attracted more than 30,000 views, and is striving to enable game companies to stay connected under the pandemic.