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TGS2021》B2B Exhibitor Intro. - Definite Studios


Definite Studios is a Singaporean corporation with its development studio in Manila. We are one of the biggest 2D game art studios in the Philippines and also have our satellite offices in Japan and Taiwan.


We have a strong 120-member team of seasoned and experienced animators, artists, game developers and designers with a goal to help developers and publishers in the success of their games, while following our passion of helping in projects that inspire and interest us!


We specialize in 2D Art and Animation which includes concept, character, environment and props as well as game co-development. Also, we are continuously seeking opportunities to expand our services and expertise which has led us into preparing for webtoon art assets and 3D Art production.


Flexibility and adaptability are our key advantages. Our team is always looking forward to discussing and connecting with game developers and publishers and see opportunities to collaborate and build strong partnerships.