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Veteran Mobile Game Developer Released “Aiming & Artists” Game Art Outsourcing Service

▲Aiming & Artists Game Art Outsourcing Service is released to the public.


Mobile Game Developer Aiming Inc. Taiwan Branch released “Aiming & Artists” ( Game Art Outsourcing Service to the public for the first time. As a result of long-term game art production experience, Aiming & Artists is looking forward to providing reliable supports to the variety of game developers in the world.

Aiming & Artists has been part of creating popular MMORPG《Logres》franchise,《CARAVAN STORIES》 and more. Especially for《CARAVAN STORIES》, Aiming & Artists displays expertise through the process of idea visualization, 2D key visual creating, 3D modeling, and smooth motion and effect designs. The group of artists recreates the design idea into a playable universe.


▲Environment concept design of 《CARAVAN STORIES》.

 ▲Character designs of《CARAVAN STORIES》.

▲3D Character models of《LOGRES STORIES》from《Logres》franchise.


Since the Taiwan Branch works with the parent company in Japan for years, Aiming & Artists became efficient in project management and intercommunication between different teams. Aiming & Artists provides a customized project manager for each ongoing project. The goal is to help game developers by managing tasks; from delivering precise feedbacks to overseeing the schedules, to make sure both parties reach the best interests in budget and time.

Now Aiming & Artists owns a full-size organization, a rich source of talents, and an efficient project management team. With the native staff and multicultural working backgrounds, Aiming & Artists is ready to offer the top service to the global mobile game developers.


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