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Japanese-style strategic mobile game“Knightcore Tactics” is going to enter close beta

About Marscat Games

Marscat Games, established in 2017, consists of various members with rich experience and creativity from the game industry. It is our ultimate goal to make games developed in Taiwan become well-known and popular to the whole world.

In Marscat Games, the unique thinking process makes our curiosity and creativity without limit.


Knightcore Universal

   "Knightcore Universal" is the first turn-based mobile game developed by Marscat Games in Japanese-style. It has received tons of high score review since launched. In 2019, it was honored with the first prize of “Digital Contents Award” from the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.

As an newbie knight with full ambition to Camelot, player will learn about the conflict between countries and solve all mysteries during adventure with other knights.

The most significant difference between Knightcore and other games in the same category is that player can use his/her friends’ knight as team members in any fight(PVE and PVP). The strength of team does not just depends on Gacha, but how well friends developed their knight. Thus, the stronger friends’ knight are, the more powerful the team will become.


Knightcore Tactics

   “Knightcore Tactics” is another Japanese-style strategic mobile game and currently is under development. It inherits the world conception and story of “Knightcore Universal”. Each battle will only take less than 99 seconds to complete offensive or defensive.


There are three features in this game.

【RPG style for team】

                As a team master, the player needs to recruit various of heroes with unique expertise, such as attacking opponent, defending buildings, or increasing income. The heroes will also lead different types of soldiers in battle. With combination of heroes and soldiers, It can build up various types of teams/decks for different challenges.

Find your hero(es) for your campaign and fight together!


【Management of Territory】

During progresses of main story, player will recover the lost territory gradually. The recovered points/lands will generate kinds of resources, such as tax(coin), food, woods, stones, weapons, etc. for soldiers training and buildings upgrade. As the strength of team raised, the player can recover more points/lands for more resource. It makes perfect balancing for the game. 


【Strategy for Deployment】

There are two major types of battle: destroy the opponent’s main building, and defend own main castle. Each battlefield is consist of different characteristics and terrains. It is very crucial to make right strategy and finish battle in 99 seconds for each different battlefield.

Different battlefield needs different strategy. How fast can you win the battle?



Traditional Chinese version of Knightcore is currently available in Taiwan’s Google Play Store and iTunes Store. Multi-languages version of Knightcore (Knight Universal) is in pre-registration at most regions/countries now. Knight Tactics will enter close beta in near future. Should you are interested in publishing Knightcore at your region/country, don’t hesitate to contract with us.