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Specializes in handling cross-platform localization for AAA video games, Play4Fun is searching for clients and potential partners

Specializes in handling cross-platform localization for AAA video games, Play4Fun is searching for clients and potential partners. 

Play4Fun Co., Ltd., the specialist in handling cross-platform localization for AAA video games for overseas companies including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Southeast Asia market, will be exhibiting in the 2020 Taipei Game Show B2B Zone. The company’s services include video game localization, customer support, social media management, local marketing and public relation events, and live stream productions.

In regards to video game localization, Play4Fun has assembled a fleet of industry professionals alongside hardcore gamers to conduct localization services for cross-platform video games and mobile games. Our services include translation, voice-dubbing, and quality assurance testing for localized text, and other localization services. We aim to deliver the most accurate content that best fits the needs of local gamers and ensure video games from overseas can break into the local market with an authentic voice.

As for our online customer support services, because our customer support agents are made up of a brilliant combination of technical experts and experienced gamers, we are able to train a team of quick-thinking and self-motivating team of customer support agents efficiently across different platforms. In addition, we can provide our services in the forms of live text chats, phone calls, and customer service systems in various languages. We also offer web infrastructure service, for example: Creating Customer Service Portal with SaaS solution or custom development, managing pipeline of multilingual FAQ knowledge base.

Apart from ensuring the quality of localized content, Play4Fun also offers assistance in managing social media accounts for customers. The company uses the language that is familiar to the local gamers and integrate them along with the latest trends to break into the gamer community. We can assist our customers in identifying local key opinion leaders and plan influencer marketing strategies. Depending on the nature of the content, we will strategize different social media marketing plans that are most suitable for the content. In addition, Play4Fun also has experience in live streaming multiple international e-sports tournaments in Chinese. Please contact us for more information.

All of our services can be provided to support various languages across Northern and Southeast Asia, including: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Korean and Japanese.

By participating in the 2020 Taipei Game Show B2B Zone, Play4Fun is looking forward to using this opportunity to build connections with vendors and discover new clients. We hope to assist overseas companies in improving their services in Traditional Chinese and Southeast Asia markets by providing a comprehensive, all-round top-quality customized strategy for our client. At the same time, we hope to share our experiences in video game localization with industry professionals from all around the world.


About Play4Fun

Play4Fun Co., Ltd. Founded in 2017 by a group of passionate professional gamers. The company aims to assist overseas companies in breaking into the Traditional Chinese market in every way possible. The company’s main services include game localization, customer experience, social media managing, hosting local promotion and marketing events, and providing full tech support for Livestream events. The majority of our clients are top leading game publishers from all around the world.

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