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Game Industry’s IT Operation Automation Platform

Pentium Network, an AIOps startup in Taiwan, announced at this year's TGS its "MRVN (pronounced Marvin) One-stop IT Operation Automation Platform,” tailored for the gaming industry to mitigate the IT manpower shortage issues with automations for better and efficient IT operations.

Save money & lessen IT engineers’ chronic fatigue with MRVN automation

"Successful game operations must provide gamers with satisfying experience at a competitive cost." said KC, the founder and CEO of Pentium Network. "The winners in this highly competitive industry must master multi-vendor IT for both cloud and on-prem., support frequent content and feature updates on an hourly basis, and provide 24-hour non-stop cross-border high-quality game services."

Game industry’s IT operation teams often employ 5 to 7 people in 3 shifts responsible for individual games. IT engineers have to keep their eyes on the monitoring dashboards of various systems and services when on their duty. When encountering anomalies, outages, or change requirements, they have to quickly power up the management console from each manufacturer/provider, and skillfully complete necessary adjustments to the impacted services and systems.

IT engineers are constantly exposed to 10-20 tools (e.g., dashboards, consoles), coupled with frequent updates and deployments, fraught with trivial and intensive troubleshooting tasks. These unsung heroes quietly sacrifice their health, in return, for the game players’ joyful satisfaction.


One-click IT operations with automation, making IT Ops like playing a game

MRVN is game-changing for IT operations of the game industry. The single console replaces more than 20 tools that IT engineers switch between. The drag-and-drop automation allows change and re-use of automated processes to run daily routines and deployments, or set up event-triggered troubleshooting with automation easier than ever. Combining chatbots and automation allows IT engineers to easily run automated tasks by sending simple user-defined chatbot commands.

"MVRN is tailored for the game industry and ultimately designed to enable IT engineers to run automated daily operations as easily and effortlessly as playing mobile games," KC added.


Simpler, smarter, and faster!

"The daily works of IT engineers after using MRVN will center on the planning and setup of the next batch of automated processes for daily IT operations."

When customers are new to MRVN, they tend to automate the daily inspection and deployment tasks. Foreseeable fault prevention and frequent-alarm/event remediations with standard operating procedures (SOP) will naturally be the next phase to automate. Eventually, mature automation scenarios will be deployed everywhere in their IT operations, and all the known repetitive tasks will gradually evolve toward the direction of unmanned operations (NoOps).

MRVN democratizes automation in IT operations, allowing IT engineers’ daily works to be done more quickly and correctly, freeing up their time and mind to focus on works with higher values, such as optimizing performance, improving experience, and scheduling resources for the next big things.

If you want to boost operational productivity while maintaining work-life-balance for IT engineers, welcome to TGS booth A19 to experience simpler, smarter, and faster IT operations.


[About Pentium Network]

Pentium Networks, founded in 2017, is an AIOps software development team specializing in automated IT operations and artificial intelligence technologies. It is devoted to redefining the modern IT operations across various clouds and on-premise IT  with smart technologies, by providing MRVN one-stop IT operation automation platform, tailored for the customers in the gaming industry and the cloud hosting/managed  service industry, for simpler, smarter, faster and more efficient IT operation:

  1. For IT Engineers: MRVN is a hybrid cloud one-stop operation platform embedded with expert knowledge and ready-to-use automation to improve efficiency and reduce errors on daily works.
  1. For Automation Developers: MRVN provides drag-and-drop automation to achieve no-code editing, and simplified development framework tools to support low-code development, lower the automation threshold to accelerate the popularization of automation application scenarios.
  1. For Game Companies: MRVN can accumulate IT operation knowledge and capabilities as an enterprise competence reservoir evolving toward fully automated unmanned operations (NoOps).


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