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Big Update Coming to "Aura Kingdom 2" - New Features "Eidolon Expeditions" & "Eidolon Memory"


"Aura Kingdom 2" will be getting its biggest patch since release in November, introducing all-new legendary features into the game. Along with the release of new content, there will also be an event in November where players get to interact with GMs in-game! Don't miss out on the fun!


The highlights of this update include new game modes "Eidolon Expeditions" and "Eidolon Memory". All those SR and R eidolons that have been unused and kept away are about to come in handy!


Eidolon Expeditions 

Players will unlock "Eidolon Expeditions" upon reaching level 100. Send R-SSR Eidolons on expeditions to scavenge for "memory coins" and other various loot. The harder the expedition, the better the rewards!


Eidolon Memory

Gather "memory coins" through "Eidolon Expeditions" to extract "Memory Shards" via the "Eidolon Memory" feature. Collect enough shards to enhance combat ability. Complete each puzzle to obtain the Eidolon Memory -- all of which are wallpaper-worthy!


Aside from the above mentioned optimization and updates, we've also added two new features that players have been requesting for ages: "DPS Chart" and "Appearance Change". "Appearance Change" will allow players to edit their character's appearance. Whereas the "DPS Chart" will help players keep track of everyone's DPS, HPS, and TPS in dungeons and multiplayer events!


Not only will "Aura Kingdom 2" be releasing new and exciting features, but a new server, "Bastet", will be launching on November 18. The same week of the launch, a fun GM interactive event will also take place. Welcome all new and old players to join in on the fun!


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