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GigaBash, Kaijus vs Heroes Arena Brawler is out now on PC & PlayStation!

August 5th, 2022 – Selangor, Malaysia – Unleash all the pent-up rage from daily life and go beast mode! Passion Republic Games have just launched GigaBash, the Multiplayer Arena Brawler ft. kaijus and heroes. The game is now available on Epic Games Store, Steam, and PlayStation.

Up to 4 players battle each other for primal dominance as Tokusatsu-inspired Titans, each with its unique playstyle and moveset in a variety of fully-destructible arenas.
Watch the launch trailer here:

GigaBash combines the chaos and creativity of titles like Power Stone, Super Smash Bros, and War of the Monsters, with the jaw-dropping scale of classic Tokusatsu films such as Godzilla and Ultraman. Players can enjoy the game with their friends and family via local Couch Play.

There’s also Online Mode where players get to enjoy Free-for-All, Teamplay and Duel Mode with players around the world through the power of the internet. The game fully supports cross-gen crossplay for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5. Users from Steam and Epic Games Store can matchmake with each other as they share the same matchmaking pool, but, Steam-Epic crossplay via direct friend invitation and PC-PlayStation crossplay are not supported.

Switch up the pacing with Mayhem Mode, a party game mode featuring a collection of wacky minigames for newcomers and seasoned veterans to enjoy together. (Kindly note that Mayhem Mode is only available to play in local couch play. However, players can choose to enjoy it online via remote play).

Solo players can also immerse themselves in Story Mode. It is a single-player mode with four short-and-sweet campaigns featuring Gorogong, Pipijuras, Woolley, and Thundatross. Players can expect to unearth the character’s backstories (and misadventures) along with lots of collectible lore to piece together the narrative universe of GigaBash.

Learn more about the game here:
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