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TGS Indie Game: Cuisineer – Exploring the mysterious dungeons, slaying monsters with the trusty spatula, and a supply of refreshing Boba tea!

By Nancy Wang on March 16, 2023

In TGS Indie Game Special today, we’re looking into an indie game that made its presentation in Taipei Game Show 2023. Cuisineer, a super cute and tasty roguelike dungeon crawler made by a multi-award winning studio – BattleBrew Productions from Singapore!

In TGS 2023, I got to play an adorable food-focused roguelike following restaurant management elements, Cuisineer, and am fascinated immediately. It's adorable and addictive that I smashed that wishlist button so hard.


Who wouldn’t want to be a restaurateur by day and a dungeon crawler by night?

You’ve probably played a game where you’re a shopkeeper or a dungeon explorer before; the core mechanics that are presented in Cuisineer might aren’t anything new but more friendly vibes and food/restaurant-themed following visual novel elements! The art and characters are absolutely adorable, and the protagonist – Catgirl Pom is even more so.

Using dishes as weapons? Making a profit is going to be hard that way.



Guide Pom through multiple unique dungeons where you can unlock the powers of salty, sour, sweet, bitter, umami, frosty, and toasty as weapons to help you battle various enemies and bosses. Use the customizable weapons/gear system to go into the dungeons to get vital ingredients to cook delicious food to serve at your restaurant (there are over 100 recipes to discover and cook in Cuisineer)! Also, you'll need every food weapon in your arsenal if you hope to survive on the ever-changing dungeon floors.


Multiple unique dungeon biomes - Lush Forests, Flaming Volcanoes, Icy Caves, and Deadly Swamps.



Running a restaurant using the loot you gain from raiding dungeons is wonderful, but what’s even more fascinating is that each dungeon is varied and has a specific theme. Each run is unique and forces you to make smart and calculated decisions. You never know what you will encounter next in the world of Cuisineer – that’s why you must be prepared for everything!


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