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3D Puzzle Game The Book Of Hiro Will Be Playable On Steam September 8th!

3D Puzzle Game The Book Of Hiro Will Be Playable On Steam September 8th!

Just as its name suggest, this game will present only one book as a map for players to solve puzzles. Don’t underestimate this one book, there is a magical world hidden in it. Illusions and wonderful scenes are waiting for you to explore!

The Book Of Hiro is based around moving the viewing angle, clicking, and other operations to find the hidden “key” pattern in the picture. Players need to match graphic clues in this pop-up book to solve puzzles.
The game features innovative visual puzzles that are imaginative and visually stunning. Each puzzle solved can advance the plot and provide a unique gaming experience and visual impact.

Apart from that, The Book Of Hiro also features a simple and fresh 3D low-poly style that is full of childlike innocence while meticulously depicting the different scenes in the story.
Shiny gold coins, ordinary keys, hammers, gears…Players must carefully observe to find the right spot to fit in the graphic clue!

Despite this overarching highlight The Book Of Hiro got, this game still has a surprisingly chill story experience with its beautifully visuals and relaxing soundtrack.
Now The Book of Hiro’s demo has been launched in Steam. Go experience the game right now! If you’re interested in it, don’t forget to wishlist and purchase it on September 8th!

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