B2B Zone Booth Application Method & Sponsorship Program

Dedicated to make connection between digital contents and game related industry in Taiwan, TGS builds an amazing matchmaking platform in Asia Pacific, allowing global buyers to find products they’re interested in more easily. This January, B2B Zone attracted nearly 2,500 global buyers from 29 countries and matched more than 3,000 meetings. As a result, we’re proud to announce that B2B Zone will move to Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3 next year in order to accommodate more buyers and exhibitors. Please come and join us in 2019TGS!

General Information

  • Name:Taipei Game Show 2019 B2B Zone
  • Date:January 24 (Thur.) - January 25 (Fri.) 10:00-17:00
  • Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3 (No.6, Songshou Road, Taipei)
  • Access authorization:Digital content and game industry professionals
  • Organizer:Taipei Computer Association http://www.tca.org.tw/en/

Deadline for Application: October 31, 2018

Booth Packages
(Booth Fees below are available for Offshore Company only. Taiwanese Company please visits the Taiwanese page. )

Booth Fee
(USD per booth)
[till 10/31]
Booth application
Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand $1,800 No limited
Raw space $1,500 Even number booths application only
(2,4,6,8 booths)
  1. 9 square meter(3Mx3M) per booth
  2. Electricity per booth: 0.5kw (110V).
  3. Every Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand package includes a basic decoration (See Demo)
  4. 2 rights given to all B2B Exhibitors:
    (1) Access to Biz matching system (Further information will be announced in November)
    (2) Promotion activities:
    TGS Official website banner, TGS Official social media posts and company introduction in the B2B guidebook.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to change the floor plan, and the floor plan will be announced at the Pre- Exhibition Briefing.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to reject any application that may be inappropriate for the exhibition theme or may jeopardize exhibition imag

Sponsorship Packages

Packages Diamond
Indie Game
Fee(USD) $14,500 $9,100 $5,500 $5,500
Main Content APGS
120min Theme Track
30min Main Speech
TGS Night Party
Ceremony Sponsorship
1 Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand(3Mx3M)
Promotion Activities TGS EDM、TGS Website Banner、TGS Social Media Posts、 Onsite Backdrop Exposure
Biz Matching System
1)Login Page Banner
2)System Email Banner
1)Pop Up Ad
2)Right-side Banner
Right-side Banner
B2B Guidebook
1)Full Page Company Intro
2)Full Page Ad
1)½Page Company Intro
2)½Page Ad
Full Page Ad
Showdaily ½Page Ad ¼Page Ad    
APGS Promotion Activities
  • APGS Guide Book
    1)Full Page Ad
  • APGS Website
    1)Large Banner
    2)Intro of Theme Track
  • APGS Guide Book
    1)Full Page Ad
  • APGS Website
    1)Side Banner
  1. 1.The Sponsorship packages are limited. If 2 different sponsors complete the same package application at the same time, the Organizer will draw lots to decide the order.
  2. 2.These packages above include 1 Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand. Please inform us if you need more booths.
  3. 3.APGS Promotion Packages Intro.(Please contact the Organizer for further information)
  4. 4.Indie Game Award registration page:http://tgs.tca.org.tw/indie_award_e.php

Promotion Sponsorship packages

Packages Lounge Area Sponsorship
(2 Quotas only)
Badge Sponsorship
(1 Quota)
Wifi Sponsorship
(1 Quota)
Fee(USD) $14,500 $14,500 $9,100
Main content Lounge Area Exposure 5,000 Pieces Badge Ad
Wifi Login Page Exposure
Promotion Activities TGS Website Banner、 TGS Social Media Posts、 Onsite Backdrop Exposure
B2B Guidebook Full Page Ad
SHOWDAILY ½Page Ad ¼page Ad
The Sponsorship packages are limited. If 2 sponsors complete the same package application at the same time, the Organizer will draw lots to decide the order.

Shell Scheme Exhibition stand decoration

  1. Organizer will make the company name board, which includes company name, country and booth number.
  2. It is not allowed to cover the green-marked area by any artworks.

Registration process

Exhibition notes

  1. Admission to B2B Zone is limited to those who work in the game business and press who will report on Taipei Game Show. Those who do not work in game industry (NOT working for game-related companies, game-related jobs or distribution of games), those who are less than 18 years of age or those who are students will not be allowed to enter B2B Zone.
  2. If you need more booths after completing the registration, please contact the Organizer and you will receive the revised application form and invoice. The registration will be completed as soon as the Organizer receives both signed application form and full amount payment. If 2 applicants complete the registration at the same time, the Organizer will draw lots to determine the order.
  3. We kindly suggested that exhibitors take out insurance on asset and burglary during the exhibition period (inclusive of set-up and move-out time). Damage, theft, and burglary occurred during the exhibition are at exhibitor’s own risk.
  4. Resales or booth transfer is forbidden , the Organizer reserves the right to cancel such exhibiting.
  5. Depending on the sponsorship level, booth numbers, and the date of registration, the Organizer will determine the booth allocation. TAIPEI GAME SHOW reserves the right to change the floor plan.
  6. Once the application is completed, no cancellation allowed. The paid fees will not be refunded and will be used in the promotional activities of TGS.
  7. If unpredictable circumstance results in cancellation of the B2B Zone, the Organizer reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, amend the content and stop this activity.

Contact information

Taipei Computer Association
Mr. Vincent Liu (ext. 884)
Ms. Kea Hong (ext. 519)