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What is TGS B2B Zone Online?
TGS B2B Zone Online is an online venue for B2B Zone exhibitors of the Taipei Game Show to digitally showcase their works and products to game industry professionals around the globe. Business visitors from publishers/distributors, developers, service providers, IP licensing agencies, and VCs can view the showcasing profiles and connect with exhibitors for business opportunities.
How does it work?
The exhibitors upload the product/game onto the platform. When online visitors see something interesting, they can send out meeting requests or ask to exchange contact information with the exhibitors. Plain, simple, and effective. TGS B2B Zone Online does not act as a platform that helps you close a deal whatsoever, but rather a platform that opens up new pathways for you.
How to apply?
Taipei Game Show 2024 is now accepting business visitor applications. Once your application is approved, you will be able to arrange online/offline meetings through the business matching system, and get a business visitor badge to visit the physical event of Taipei Game Show 2024 B2B Zone from January 25 to 26 at TaiNEX 1! Sign up as a business visitor now, and get in touch with the exhibitors!