Taipei Game Show 2024 B2B Zone Floor Plan and Exhibitor List

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Floor Plan

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Sponsor (List in alphabetical order)

Special Sponsor

International Partner (List in alphabetical order)

Exhibitor List

B2B Zone Exhibitor

Booth No. Country/Area Company Name Company Website
N01 Taiwan So-net Entertainment Taiwan Website
N03 Indonesia Mosmoss Studio Website
N04 Taiwan AsiaKOL Website
N06 Taiwan QuickseeK Website
N10 Taiwan Digicentre Company Website
N11 Taiwan CAPSULE Japan (Taiwan Branch) Website
N12 Philippines ART PRO GAMES Website
N13 Taiwan Gaia Information Technology Website
N14 South Korea Gravity Co., Ltd Website
N16 Taiwan Aiming Inc. Taiwan Branch Website
N17 South Korea BACKND Website
N18 Taiwan Photon Taiwan Website
N19 Taiwan PLAY4FUN Website
N20 Taiwan Sponge Tree Network Social Media Website
N21 Taiwan Mie Translation Services Co., Ltd. Website
N22 Taiwan Crypto City Website
N23 Taiwan On Point Creative Website
N24 Hong Kong Act Media Website
N25 Taiwan Aniapex Digital Website
N26 Taiwan TITC STUDIO Website
N27 Singapore Affle International Website
N28 Spain Stream Hatchet Website
N29 Taiwan ICEshell Website
N30 Singapore Denuvo by Irdeto Website
N31 Philippines Philippine GameDev Expo (PGDX) Website
N32 Philippines Razer Gold Website
N33 Philippines CBZN Website
N34 Taiwan Taiwan DIGI Gold Card Website
N35 Taiwan Justdan International Website
N36 Indonesia GOCpay Website
N37 Taiwan Nobollel Inc. Website
N38 United Kingdom PitStop Productions Website
N39 Taiwan Himage International Corp. Website
N40 Taiwan Poshen Co., Ltd. Website
N41 Hong Kong OneSky Technology Website
N42 Singapore Eliphant Website
N43 Japan BitSummit Website
N44 United Kingdom The Game Marketer Website
N45 China KOP Global Website
N46 Taiwan Lycklig Website
N47 Taiwan Leadtek Research Website
B01 Taiwan Soft-World International Website
B02 Singapore Soft Source Website
B04 Taiwan Winking Studios Website
B05 Japan SUCCESS Corporation Website
B06 China Xsolla Website
B13 Japan Ubitus K.K. Website
B14 Hong Kong Game Source Entertainment Website
B15 United States Alconost Inc. Website
B16 Singapore Yahaha Website
B17 China AppsFlyer Website
B18 Singapore gamescom asia Website
B19 South Korea Airbridge Website
B20 Gibraltar READYgg Website
B21 South Korea G-STAR Website
B22 China MOLOCO Website
B24 South Korea BIC Festival Website
B27 Singapore Worldpay from FIS Website
B28 United States Cloudflare Website
B29 China Paras Games Website
B30 China SuperAnimation Website
B31 Taiwan Envoy Games Website
B33 Taiwan Resound Global CO., LTD Website
B34 Japan Nintendo Co., Ltd. Website

B2B Zone Exhibitor (INDIE AREA)

Booth No. Country/Area Company Name Company Website
D01 Japan Annulus Website
D02 Japan LeonaSoftware Website
D03 Japan Sigcom Website
D05 Japan Tricore Website
D06 Japan Usuku Website
D07 Taiwan 18LIGHT GAME Website
D08 Taiwan Arcade Galaxy Website
D09 Taiwan Beacon of Gamers Website
D10 Taiwan BearboneStudio Website
D11 Taiwan DAONE GAMES LTD. Website
D12 Taiwan Digital Crafter Website
D13 Taiwan DreamVandal Website
D14 Taiwan Enjoy Software Website
D15 Taiwan GameNobility Website
D16 Taiwan Gamtropy Website
D17 Taiwan PhantomWorks Website
D18 Taiwan Poly Poly Games Website
D19 Taiwan Ryotaro Studio Website
D20 Taiwan Soda Cat Studio Website
D21 Taiwan Toii Games Website
D22 United Kingdom Inner Party Website
D23 South Korea IKINAGAMES Website
D24 Italy 34BigThings Website
D25 Brazil United Games Website
D26 Austria Dyadic Games Website
D27 United Kingdom Sad Owl Studios Website
D28 United Kingdom Tynepunk Website
D29 Argentina Sureksu Website
D31 Philippines Kooapps Website
D32 Philippines Maccima Games Website
D33 Hong Kong C4Cat Entertainment Website
D34 Hong Kong Gamemiracle Website
D35 Hong Kong Genuine Studio Website
D36 Hong Kong sillyhouse Website
D37 Hong Kong Twitchy Finger Website
D38 Singapore TrueWorld Studios Website
D39 United States Abyss MMO Website
D40 Indonesia Bina Nusantara Univ. (GAT) Website
D41 Indonesia FIREBEAST Website
D42 Indonesia YummyYummyTummy Website
Online Exhibitor Canada 2D OS GAMES Website
Online Exhibitor Indonesia 4Happy Studio Website
Online Exhibitor Argentina Team Spicy Bubble Website