About TGS

The Taipei Game Show, organized by the Taipei Computer Association, is a popular annual gaming event that attracts hundreds of thousands of gamers from all over the world. The event started in 2003 with just a few thousand visitors but has since grown to become Taiwan's largest gaming exhibition. The goal of the Taipei Game Show is to provide a platform for both domestic and foreign game developers and publishers to showcase their work and offer the best gaming experience to attendees.

In 2023, the Taipei Game Show was held as a hybrid event with both physical exhibitions and online programs. The physical part of the event featured numerous 3A game developers and publishers, while the online program provided in-depth game reviews and new information disclosures. The combination of physical and online elements created an exceptional gaming entertainment experience for industry professionals and gamers from all over the world.

Asia Pacific Game Summit

The Taipei Computer Association hosts the Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS), which has an annual forum alongside the Taipei Game Show and hosts academic panels and events throughout the year. Since 2014, APGS has held over 200 panels covering topics related to game development, indie games, game operations and marketing, metaverse, and blockchain, with professional speakers from around the world.

In addition to the events in Taiwan, APGS expanded to Tokyo in 2016 and 2017, bringing together game companies from both Taiwan and Japan to share insights on game development, marketing, and localization.

Since 2020, APGS has launched an online summit called the "APGS ONLINE", which is broadcasted on the Taipei Game Show's official YouTube channel. These online sessions have support for multi-language subtitles, allowing audiences from different regions to participate and communicate. After the premiere on YouTube, the online sessions remain on Taipei Game Show's official YouTube channel and continue to be influential, with total views surpassing 110,000.


The B2B Zone is a platform for game industry professionals to exchange ideas and explore business opportunities. The main exhibitors are game developers/publishers, operators, artists, sound effects designers, payment providers, service providers, etc. Within the B2B Zone, there is a dedicated section called "Indie House" for indie game developers to showcase their work and interact with other business visitors.

The B2B Zone offers business matchmaking services to a wide range of vendors and game developers. It has successfully facilitated over 10,000 meetings. Additionally, "B2B ONLINE" provides a variety of online services such as online exhibitions, meeting invitations, and business card exchanges. It also hosts themed business matchmaking events for game industry professionals around the world, facilitating more opportunities for exhibitors and establishing a year-round business network.

In 2023, the B2B Zone attracted 136 domestic and foreign companies from 24 countries, including 4 themed national pavilions led by the official and game industry associations of Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. The physical event drew more than 1,800 business professionals from 29 countries.


The B2C Zone is an annual gaming event that offers a diverse range of content and attracts gamers from various backgrounds. During the exhibition, major exhibitors hold various stage activities, bringing fans closer to the gaming industry. It is a highly anticipated event for gamers every year. The B2C Zone delivers firsthand information on the hottest console games, online games, mobile games, e-sports brands, digital 3C entertainment applications, VR, and other gaming experiences.

In 2023, the B2C Zone featured over 250 games, including many unreleased titles available for on-site trial play. The event attracted over 300,000 visitors over four days and provided them with opportunities to interact with live streamers and professional cosplayers. TGS STAGE redefined e-sport events by hosting diverse competitions and stage performances on-site. In addition, the B2C Zone had two major themed areas, the "Indie House" and "Board Game Wonderland," which provided a comprehensive gaming experience.

Indie House

The creation of indie games by passionate developers worldwide has resulted in a surge of excellent games globally, marking it as the golden age of indie games. The "Indie House" at the Taipei Game Show is the largest indie game festival in Taiwan. The section can be seen in both the B2C Zone and B2B Zone. In this section, gamers can experience the fun of games and directly communicate with developers and producers, gaining valuable first-hand experience. The “Indie House” provides an interactive platform, fostering a close relationship between developers and gamers.

Board Game Wonderland

Board games can offer endless entertainment even without electricity. "Board Game Wonderland" at the Taipei Game Show features classic and innovative tabletop games from around the world, allowing attendees to play them on-site. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned pro, you can experience the charm of tabletop games in person. The "Board Game Wonderland" appeals to all ages and meets gamers' expectations, whether it is for a family gathering, a party with friends, a mental challenge, a factional confrontation, or a card collection.

2022 Taipei Game Show ONLINE

In 2021, the Taipei Game Show introduced an online program to enable global gamers to experience the show and overcome geographical restrictions. The show collaborated with "PlaySoup," an online program, to share exciting information about highly anticipated blockbusters like "Elden Ring" and "Forza Horizon 7," as well as interviews with producers. Game streamers, well-known editors, and other influencers were invited to deliver exclusive information on unreleased games like "Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation," "Pathfinder 2," and "Atomic Heart." "PlaySoup" also covered indie games like "The Library of Babel," "Gerda: A Flame in Winter," and board games such as "Shooting Bang" and "12 Chinese Zodiac," sharing the charm of gaming with the audience. The collaboration with overseas platforms has been successful, with over three million cumulative views.