Indie House Floor Plan and Exhibitors List

Indie House (B2C Zone) Floor Plan

Indie House is held on the largest scale ever, featuring 123 indie game studios from 16 countries in Taipei Game Show 2024. A collaboration between Taipei Game show 2024 and Indie Wavemakers will also establish an exclusive live-streaming stage in Indie House, presenting remarkable indie games to both online and offline audiences!

Indie House (B2C Zone) Exhibitor List

Booth No. Country/Region Booth Name Game Title
A01 International Ukiyo Studios Ukiyo Studios specializes in supporting indie game developers and publishers with various aspects such as marketing, public relations, community engagement, event representation, and localization. At TGS2024, they will showcase a curated selection of high-quality indie games from eight studios across Japan, New Zealand, Cyprus, Australia, and other regions.
A01-1 Europe Critical Reflex Drowned Lake
A01-2 Japan Acquire Corp C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield
A01-3 Australia Prideful Sloth Go-Go Town!
A01-4 Japan ASOBISM Vivid World
A01-6 New Zealand Black Salt Games DREDGE
A01-7 Australia Spider Next Games Vault of the Void
A01-8 Japan Neuron Age Tensei
A02 Thailand CENTERTOSECONDS Kyrie & Terra
A03 Taiwan 7Quark Yasha: Legends of the Demon Blade
A05 Indonesia Toge Productions Whisper Mountain Outbreak
A06 Germany ION LANDS Nivalis
A07 Taiwan Howling Rain Interactive Entertainment EndlessAlice
A08 Philippines Kooapps
A09 Korea Kiwiwalks WitchSpring R
A10 Cyprus HypeTrain Digital Nova Lands
A11 Japan TOKYO INDIE GAMES SUMMIT | Phoenixx NeverAwake
A12 Japan Bushiroad Inc. GIFT
A13 Taiwan PURPLE APPLE GAMES Fire Flowers: Amelia
A15 Taiwan Skvader Entertainment Seekers Alliance
A16 Taiwan Ina Studio Project Lost
A17 Singapore BattleBrew Productions Cuisineer
A18 Korea Funnylocks Unstoppable
A19 Taiwan FANIMAX Cyber Parkour
A20 Japan Preferred Networks Omega Crafter
A21 Singapore FrodoBots FrodoBots
A22 Thailand Waka Studio RunOut
A23 Japan HYPER REAL Aojuji Hospital: Tokyo Eidolic Anatomy Division
A24 USA Hooded Horse Manor Lords
A25 Taiwan SIGONO OPUS: Prism Peak
A26 Taiwan Cowbay Entertainment Project Court 2050
A27 Taiwan yutuogames HappyTownOnline
A28 Taiwan NINTH GAMES Master of Vtuber
A29 Japan Liica Inc. Q2 HUMANITY
A30 Malaysia Ghost Machine Katana Rama
A31 Taiwan Team Hainya Hainya World
A32 Taiwan storycropStudio Voice of Belldona
A33 Taiwan Global Soft Games Alien Relics Online
A34 Taiwan Red Candle Games Nine Sols
A35 China GratescaStudio Noctuary
S01 Germany pank0 Usagi Shima
S02 Australia DDmeow Games Cyber Paradise
S03 Korea Turtle Cream RP7
S04 Korea Newcore Games Devil Within: Satgat
S05 Canada Twenty Ninety Creative Dead Flamingo
S06 Thailand Secret Character Neko Odyssey
S07 Taiwan Gamtropy Roll Roll Hero
S08 Philippines Yangyang Mobile High Times
S09 Taiwan Millo Games Immune Simulator
S10 USA White Leaf Stellar Watch
S11 Taiwan LILIEN GAMES Who is the Defendant
S12 Korea ALIVE Inc. Vapor World: Over The Mind
S13 Japan Annulus Inc. Pricolage -Idolized-
S14 Taiwan SEALIVER STUDIO The Sight Of Darkness
S15 Taiwan Arcade Galaxy Arcade Galaxy
S16 Taiwan SharkLord Entertainment Psionic Sentry
S17 Japan Sigcom BEAT AIMER!
S18 Austria Dyadic Games Sikanda
S19 Taiwan KID Ghost Pressing Bed
S20 Taiwan Phoinix NightMare
S21 Korea IKINAGAMES Telebbit
S22 USA Muse Games Wildmender
S23 Taiwan GameNobility BarIsland
S24 Korea Singlecore Games The Guilty Hearts
S25 Taiwan Toii Games The Bridge Curse 2: Mobile
S26 Singapore TrueWorld Studios UNYIELDER
S27 Taiwan Big Platform Studio Gundo VR
S28 Taiwan A game life with no knots, only knots in the heart Floral Quest
S29 Taiwan SuBoXianEnterprise BrokenSoul
S30 Taiwan lei lei bing X-23 Gulu
S31 Taiwan Tsune Studio Kanji Industry
S32 Taiwan Sunrise Studio Dreaming in the sky
S33 Taiwan Dango Games Tea Shop Simulator
S34 Korea JOFSOFT Pizza Bandit
S35 Korea Sentience Game Studio South Pole Bebop
S36 Taiwan Hajime Doujin Circle Widow in the Endless Labyrinth
S37 Taiwan Digital Crafter Valkyrie Squad: Siege Breakers
S38 Taiwan Erotes Studio Impasse Journey ~ Kaohsiung Chapter ~
S39 Thailand Vermillion Digital Co., Ltd. M.A.S.S. Builder
S40 Korea Cat Society Dungeon Inn
S41 Korea Thunderfox Studio Moonbase Lambda
S42 Taiwan ZerovHao Star Leaping Story
S43 Taiwan HellKittenStudio Quld pro Quo of Eteruity
S44 Korea Dvora Studio Vambrace: Dungeon Monarch
S45 Taiwan FOG GAMES The Apocalypse Sacrifice
S46 Taiwan Beacon of Gamers Studio Crossing Frontier
S47 Taiwan MaouCat Studio Peacemaker: Glorious Princess
S48 Taiwan buho game Chef Chen
S49 USA Abyss MMO Abyss MMO
S50 Taiwan Project Starry Soul of Butterflies: Incubation
S51 Singapore Dominic Tng Zhi Yi Starclusters
S52 Singapore Starpixel Studios Fa Jin
S53 Singapore Zhang Kangfu Dive the Depths
S54 Singapore Joel Lo Greatsword Hero
S55 Korea SSUN GAMES Light Odyssey
S56 Taiwan Memin Technology JunDoo Card
S57 Korea Morning Bird Studio Flow of Sound
S58 Taiwan Doll Medical Oncology Department SoulOrganizer_Doll'sInvitation
S59 Singapore No Average Joe Own Time Own Target
S60 Singapore LambdaMu Games Common Wealth
S61 Japan Takahiro Miyazawa Give me toilet paper!
S62 Japan Toroya My Battery Is Fried Death the Guitar
S63 Korea wisen The Fox Seeks Friend
S64 Korea Studio Ahn Ghosted
S65 Korea PPIYO STUDIO A Street Cat's Tale 2: Out side is dangerous
S66 Korea EclipseStudios LetMeOut
S67 USA Stage Games Desynced
S68 Japan AREA 35, Inc. Felicity's Door
S69 Indonesia MichiZ Sign Wizard


C01 Indie Game Development Award
C01-1 Taiwan PHOSEPO Project: AHNO's Ark
C01-2 Shieldbreaking Games StormEdge
C01-3 BearboneStudio MindsBeneathUs
C01-4 Puff Hook Studio Recall : Empty Wishes
C01-5 Cup Dog Games Rubinite
C01-6 Future Skart Rare Metel War: The sins of memory
C01-7 Psychoflow Studio Bionic Bay
C01-9 FromDawn Games Ltd. Aeruta
C01-10 DAONE GAMES Boba Bash
C01-11 KBFarmers The Rice Story


Indie Game Award Pavilion
Award Category Country Area Game Title Developer/Team
Best Narrative Taiwan Nine Sols Red Candle Games
Best Audio South Korea Blue Wednesday Buff Studio
Best Visual Art Serbia Scorn Ebb Software
Best Design Poland Against the Storm Eremite Games
Best Innovation United Kingdom Not For Broadcast NotGames Ltd.
Best Mobile Game China Relieve Salt Game Studio
Best Student Game Taiwan mossasis Futile Games
Grand Prix United Kingdom Viewfinder Sad Owl Studios