About TGS


Taipei Game Show, held by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), is the only game exhibition, which combines B2B and B2C zone. From 2003, it attracts tons of gamers from all over the world because of the special and amazing content. Taipei Game Show has gone through showcasing in a small center near by Songshan Airport, to a sizable exhibition hall, also, the public visitors increased from 1,000 to 100 thousand. We witness the rise of game industry, experiencing the tough time at begin and the crush of industrial changing. Because of these, we find our own way in such a competitive world, becoming the most important platform in Asian market. TGS is famous for the latest trends, the best gameplay experiences and with high acceptance to foreign games. We create a chance to facilitate the interaction among the gamers, the developers and the world, working on making more sparkles in Taipei Game Show. Not only attract much more people, but firmly believe that the game industry will become the wave of the future.

Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS)

APGS has been held annually in the beginning of the year and occasionally in the mid of the year. In 2016 and 2017, APGS expanded to Tokyo, Japan and invited game companies both form Taiwan and form Japan to share the insights of games developing, promotion and localized marketing. So far, APGS has held over 160 speeches and panels which were delivered by speakers from various realms with their invaluable ideas and thoughts. As for the accumulated attendees, who are the game industry related professionals form domestic and foreign, are more than 10,000 people. In addition, to provide indie game developers a suitable platform for communication, APGS set up “INDIE SALON” which invites outstanding indie games developers to share their developing experiences.


B2B ZONE divides into “B2B ZONE” and “Indie Game Festa”. The former one focuses on game developers, publishers, third-party payment and advertisers, the latter one gathers global indie teams to share and merchandise their game IPs. Also, B2B ZONE set up an online business matching system, planning the meeting rooms for different kind of exhibitors in order to boost the trade, communication, and industrial trends in game industry.


B2C ZONE can be described as an amusement park. With extraordinary stage event, and the most popular online game, mobile game, console game, VR and periphery of eSport, all the gamers are making a beeline for this “carnival style” game show every year. Especially “Indie House” and “Board Game Wonderland” trigger each gamer’s original intention and enthusiasm to game from their deepest mind.