About TGS

Held by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), since 2003, Taipei game show has increased from only thousands of visitors to a must-be place for hundreds of thousands of gamers. Together, we experience the tough time at the beginning, witness the rise of the game industry, and forge our path in such a competitive world. As the first gaming expo at the beginning of the year, and the one and only gaming exhibition in Taiwan, we embrace challenges, overcome difficulties and continue to strive for excellence in this ever-changing world. For the first time, Taipei Game Show 2021 is set to hold events both online and offline, aiming to bring game industry professionals and gamers a whole new level of gaming experience.

Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS)

To enhance industry communications, Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) hosts annual forum at the beginning of the year and several exquisite events in the mid-year. Since 2014, APGS has held approximately 200 speeches and panels, and accumulated to almost 10,000 game industry professionals across the world to participate in. In 2016 and 2017, APGS expanded to Tokyo, Japan, and invited game companies both from Taiwan and Japan to share insights of localized marketing. Also, APGS organizes “INDIE SALON”, which invites the most talented game developers around the globe to share their ideas on game development. APGS 2021 is set to hold the event INDIE SALON ONLINE. Without the limitations of time and space, APGS ONLINE 2021 will continue to share the latest insights to game industry professionals and gamers around the world.


B2B ZONE creates a platform for business interactions and copyright transactions. It divides into “B2B ZONE” and “Indie House”. The former focuses on game developers, publishers, third-party payment and advertisers; the latter gathers indie game developers around the globe to share and merchandise their game titles. Also, B2B ZONE sets up a highly efficient business matching platform, serving a wide range of game companies and developers to discover new business opportunities and partnerships. In 2020, “GAME LINKER”, a new platform was launched to facilitate interactions between game industry professionals 24/7, creating more business opportunities in the ecosystem. Holding a hybrid event with both online and offline activities in 2021, B2B Zone offers an online package tailored for industry professionals who are looking for new opportunities in business.


B2C ZONE can be described as a “carnival festival”. With extraordinary stage events, it often attracts enormous fans to take part in. As the first gaming exposition in the beginning of the year, B2C ZONE provides the latest insights and trends to the gamers, including popular console games, online games, mobiles games, 3C entertainments and VR and periphery of eSport. B2C ZONE also includes “Indie House” and “Board Game Wonderland”. The former builds a platform for indie game developers and gamers to interact in person; the latter creates a child-friendly area for parents and kids to play and have fun together. Combining online show with offline events, B2C ZONE offers gamers a brand new entertainment option!