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*Indie House is Now Open for Waiting List Application. Available Until Fully Booked.

What is ‘Indie House’?

Indie House is a designated area in Taipei Game Show that provides all indie game devs the opportunity to showcase their projects. Indie House has 2 separate sectors for different purposes.

#1: Indie House B2B Zone - for indie devs to face international businesses and agencies.
#2: Indie House B2C Zone - for indie devs to face public visitors and gamers.

Taipei Game Show 2021 will be held on Jan. 28 – 31, 2021. If you are an indie developer who has some really good stuff, we’ll love to have you on board with us.

Why should I sign up for Indie House?

#1 - Location, Location, Location.

Taipei Game Show (TGS) is the largest and the only exhibition in Taiwan that dedicates in the game industry. With its geographical and cultural advantage in Asia, TGS is often selected as the first destination for giant game companies to debut their games in Asia Pacific region, and it has never let them down. TGS attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, and the number is still growing fast.

#2 – Great Media Attention and a Vibrant Ecosystem.

In 2019, we have recorded a total of 320,000 visits, over 400 game-related companies and 2,500 trade visitors from 30+ countries participated in the show. The scale pulls tremendous media attention and exposure on both Taiwanese and international media, and the diversity generates a vibrant ecosystem like no place else.
Indie House is standing right in the middle of it.

#3 – The One Place in Asia that Dedicates to Indie Devs Only.

Indie House is one of the largest designated area dedicates to indie game devs in Asia-Pacific region. We have been doing this for over 6 years, and we plan to exceed our previous achievements every year.
Why? Because we appreciate and value each and every one of you.

What would I get and for how much money?

Check out the awesome deals we offer for indie game developers below

Description Business Package Gamer Package Everything Package Online Business Package
What do I want I'd like to network with different companies and expand my project. I'd like to face the public gamers, collect feedback and gain media exposure I'd like to maximize the effectiveness for my trip to Taipei Game Show. I'd like to network with different companies online.
Online Event Date Dec. 1, 20’ – Jan. 29, 21’ - Dec. 1, 20’ – Jan. 29, 21' Dec. 1, 20’ – Jan. 29, 21'
Offline Event Date Jan. 28 – 29, 21’ Jan. 28 – 31, 21’ Jan. 28 – 31, 21’ -
Price USD 100 USD 350 USD 450 USD 100
Minimum Rep. Required 1 rep. 1 rep. 2 rep. Flexible
B2B Zone Showcase Stand V - V -
B2C Zone Showcase Stand - V V -
Access to Biz-Matching System V - V V
Online B2B Showcase V - V V
Indie Game Award Qualification V V V V
Access to TGS Official Events V V V -
TGS SNS Exposure V V V V
Complimentary Accommodation 1 person/3 nights/per team 1 person/5 nights/per team 1 person/5 nights/per team -

Showcase Stand Specification & Illustration
VR_Showcase Stand Specification & Illustration

How do I sign up?

In order to sign up as an exhibitor of Indie House, you must meet the 3 requirements below.

  1. #1: If you consider yourself an indie game developer, you’re eligible to sign up.
  2. #2: We’ll conduct a screening process for every Indie House applicant to make sure 2 things
    1. 1. You are indeed an independent game developer that needs all the resource you can get.
      *We welcome all members of the game industry to participate in Taipei Game Show, but please note that we will have to check for your qualification because Indie House is a program designed to help real independent game developers with limited resources.
    2. 2. The progress of your project is ready for showcasing with a playable demo.
      *We do not judge or comment on whether if your game is ‘good or bad’, that is up to the professional juries in Indie Game Award, but we do have to make sure that everyone has a playable demo on site. If you’re spending time and money to showcase without a playable demo, years of experience tells us that the feedback will be next to nothing.
    The result will be announced on Oct. 21st. We cannot promise that everyone will definitely get in. If you cannot accept this premise, please think twice before signing up.
  3. #3: GLHF, and make your trip to Taipei Game Show awesome.

Regulations and FAQ (MUST READ!)

Regulations and FAQ

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Project Coordinator
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