Indie House - The hub for international indie game developers in the Asia-Pacific region

What is ‘Indie House’?

Indie House is a designated area in Taipei Game Show that specifically designed to host indie game developers to showcase their games. Indie House is consisted of 2 separate sectors with different purposes:

*The physical B2B Zone in Taipei Game Show 2023 is BACK!

#1: Indie House B2B Zone – The sector for developers to showcase to international business visitors, publishers and VCs from businesses in the game industry.

#2: Indie House B2C Zone – The sector for developers to showcase to public visitors, gamers and press journalists.

Taipei Game Show 2023 will be held on Feb. 2 – 5, 2023. If you are an indie game developer who has some amazing works ready to showcase, we’d love to have you on board with us.

Why should I join Indie House?

#1 – Frist Stop in the Asia Pacific Region, The Largest Gaming Event in Taiwan.

Taipei Game Show (TGS) is the largest and the only game convention that focuses solely on games in Taiwan. Through its unique geographical and cultural advantages, game developers and publishers around the globe see TGS as their first stop into the Mandarin-speaking market. The show attracts hundreds of thousands gamers to the show every year, creating a great opportunity for indie game developers to reach to a wider gamer base.

#2 – Great Media Attention and the Amazing Vibe.

Taipei Game Show is one of the iconic game fairs in the Asia Pacific region. The show draws huge media attentions every year. Our marketing specialists always put on a full force to assist every developer to reach to more audience. A diversified exhibition line-up and the business visitors from across the world really make Indie House a special section to visit in TGS.

#3 – The Most Indie-Friendly Exhibition Packages and Supports.

We understand that indie devs often have to utilize extremely limited resources to execute promotional campaigns. The exhibition packages for Indie House are specially tailored for indie devs with a favorable pricing and the staff supports from the organizer. You’ll be amazed by the hassle-free process (no one likes paper-works, right?).

What are you offering?

Check out the awesome packages we offer for indie game developers

Showcasing Stand / Shell Scheme Mockup

Full Introduction Deck

  Exhibition Area: B2B Zone Exhibition Area: B2C Zone
 Description Business Package Online Business
Standard Gamer Package Advanced Gamer Package Ultimate Gamer Package
Event Date Feb 2 – 3, 2023 Dec. 1, 2022 –
Feb. 3, 2023
Feb. 2 – 5, 2023 Feb. 2 – 5, 2023 Feb. 2 – 5, 2023
Price TWD $3,000 TWD $2,000 TWD $10,500 Fee TWD $30,000
Deposit TWD $10,000
Fee TWD $60,000
Deposit TWD $20,000
Spec Onsite Showcasing Stand/Online Profile &
B2B Matchmaking
Online Profile & B2B Matchmaking Onsite Showcasing Stand Onsite 3*3m Shell Scheme Onsite 6*3m Shell Scheme
Installation Showcasing stand*1, nameplate*1, folding chairs*2, 110v power socket*2, free public Wi-Fi
Wired network NOT included
N/A (Online) Showcasing stand*1, , nameplate*1, folding chairs*2, 110v power socket*2, free public Wi-Fi
Wired network NOT included
3*3m shell scheme with basic installation, free public Wi-Fi
Wired network NOT included
3*3m shell scheme with basic installation, free public Wi-Fi
Wired network NOT included
Access to Biz-Matching System V V
Indie Game Award
Access to TGS Official Events V V V V V
TGS SNS Exposure V V V V V

Where and how do I sign up?

Please carefully go through the following notices before signing up as an exhibitor in Indie House:

  1. 1. We will conduct a qualification screen to make sure two thing:
    1. a. You are indeed an independent game developer who needs every resource you can get.
      The reason why Indie House is able to lay out a favorable pricing is because that the organizer bears partial expenses from the venue. This is to minimize the burden for indie devs with limited resources. In order to do that, we need to make sure that all applicants are indeed indie game developers, so that the resources directed to indie devs won’t be abused by big companies. The organizer reserves the right to interpret the definition of “indie game developers”.
    2. b. Your game is ready to showcase with a playable demo.
      We have to make sure that every exhibitor has a playable demo onsite. If you’re spending time and money to showcase without a playable demo, years of experiences tells us that the feedback will be next to nothing. This process is also to ensure the quality of the experiences for every visitor in Indie House.
  2. 2. The result will be announced on Oct. 17 via Email. We can’t promise that every applicant will definitely get in. If you cannot accept this, please think twice before signing up.
  3. 3. GLHF! There’s a lot of fun stuff to do in Taipei!

Regulations and FAQ (MUST READ!)

Regulations and FAQ

Registration Timetable

Contact info

Taipei Game Show Organizing Committee

Han Liu, Project Coordinator| | ext. 385

April Su, Project Coordinator| | ext. 884