Indie Game Award 2023 Registration

About Indie Game Award

The Indie Game Award, held by Taipei Game Show, is dedicated to discovering outstanding indie game developers around the world. The award has attracted over 800 indie game developers to participate ever since its establishment in 2015, wishing to deliver a stage for talented developers to thrive and shine!

Indie Game Award 2023 is now open for registration. We sincerely invite every indie game developer around the world to join us in this exciting event!

Award Category


  1. Registration Date: Sep. 1 – Oct. 13.
  2. The submissions are open to all indie game developers and is NOT limited to Taipei Game Show exhibitors.
  3. Every applicant is allowed to submit 1 game title. It is prohibited to register multiple games in the name of the publisher or any forms of collaboration.
  4. The submitted game title must be released or updated after Jan. 1, 2022. Or in active development with a playable demo.
  5. When the number of submitted VR games is less than 6 titles, the Best VR Game award will be removed from the competition.
  6. All contestants will enter the Pre-Selection phase simultaneously and will be required to complete at least 10 reviews on other competing titles. Contestants who failed to complete requirements will be disqualified from the competition.
  7. Incomplete application will result in the disqualification of the competition.


Date Schedule
Sep. 1 – Oct. 13. Indie Game Award Online Submission
Oct. 31 – Nov. 21 Pre-Selection Phase:
*The organizer will group all contestants in a randomized order. All contestants must finish at least 10 reviews on other competing games within the assigned group to advance to the next phase.
Nov. 28 Pre-Selection Outcome Announcement
Dec. 5 – Dec. 23 Jury Panel Reviewing Phase
Feb. 2, 2023 Indie Game Award Ceremony

Review Instruction

  1. The competition will be proceeded in two phases: Pre-Selection Phase & Jury Panel Reviewing Phase.
  2. Pre-Selection Phase: The organizer will group all contestants in a randomized order. All contestants must finish at least 10 reviews on other competing games within the assigned group to advance to the next phase.
  3. Jury Panel Reviewing Phase The top 20% contestants from the Pre-Selection Phase will enter the Jury Panel Reviewing Phase, and will be reviewed by the jury panel. The jury panel is formed with industry professionals, media journalists and influencers.
  4. If there is any uncertainty regarding the result, the jury panel shall discuss, reach a consensus, and deliver a final result.
  • *In order to protect the intellectual properties from all parties involved, it is strictly prohibited to reveal any game contents or review results under any circumstances. Violators will be immediately disqualified from both Indie Game Award and Taipei Game Show, permanently banned from any Taipei Game Show and its extended events, and shall be liable for any damage and loss caused.
  • *The organizer reserves the right to amend the content of the event and is obligated to notify the changes to the jury panel and all contestants via E-mail.

Criteria Description

Review Criteria Description Ratio
Narrative Storytelling, plot construction, scenario, dialogue…etc. 20%
Audio effect Sound effects, musical composition, sound design…etc. 20%
Visual art Art direction, animation, modeling, character design, texture creation…etc. 20%
Game mechanics Gameplay mechanics, playability, play balancing, level design…etc. 20%
Creativity Innovation that advances the current gameplay, mechanics, structure…etc. 20%

Winner’s Reward

The winning team will receive the TGS Marketing Package, which includes the following items:

  1. Onsite Indie Game Award showcasing stand in Taipei Game Show
  2. 2023 Indie Game Award 2023 Trophy * 1
  3. Indie Game Award 2023 Winner’s Interview (video) * 1
  4. Indie Game Award 2023 Winner’s Interview (press release) * 1
  5. Logo listed on Taipei Game Show’s official website
  6. Posts on Taipei Game Show English SNS outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  7. Feature in Taipei Game Show 2023 ShowDaily printed magazine

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