Indie Game Award 2021


Indie Game Award (IGA) is a competition exclusively for indie game developers. It is created to foster the interaction between domestic and oversea indie game developers, and to encourage innovative game titles with rewards and international media exposures. Since its establishment in 2015, IGA has received submissions from over 30 countries, including United States, France, Poland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, just to name a few.

COVID-19 has impacted the people around the globe. Thus, this year’s Indie Game Award has made an important decision to open its registration to the global indie game community. Regardless of being an exhibitor at Taipei Game Show or not, we sincerely invite every indie dev around the world to join us on this wonderful event.


Schedule Date
Online registration
*This year’s Indie Game Award is open to all indie devs to sign up regardless of being an exhibitor at Taipei Game Show or not. Please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page to join us.
Sept. 1 (Tue.) – Oct. 16 (Fri.)
Pre-Selection by Contestants
*All contestants must complete their competing portfolio and finish reviewing on at least 20 competing games to advance for the next stage.
Nov. 5 (Thu.) – Nov. 26 (Thu.)
Pre-Selection Nominated Contestants Announced Dec. 1 (Tue.)
Review by IGA Jury Committee Dec. 1 (Tue.) – Jan. 5 (Tue.)
Taipei Game Show 2021 Jan. 28 (Thu.) – Jan. 31 (Sun.), 2021
Indie Game Award Ceremony Jan. 28 (Thu.) (Tentatively schedule)

Award Category

※ Each winner will receive 1 trophy, official website exposure, official social media exposure (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), partner media interview, and an introduction article published in TGS publication “Show Daily”.


Submitted game title must be created, published or updated after Jan. 1, 2020.

Submission Regulation

  1. Each applicant is allowed to submit 1 title only.
  2. Please note that incomplete submission will not be accepted.
  3. IGA contestants are obligated to take part in the pre-selection stage. Please review the assigned game titles with fair judgment.
  4. In order to protect intellectual properties from all parties involved, please do not reveal game content, review result under any circumstances or do anything may harm other’s interest. Violators will be disqualified from both Indie Game Award and Indie House and shall be liable, jointly and severally, for the damage to such other party and the organizer.

Review Instruction

  1. The review consists of 2 stages: (I) Pre-Selection (II) Jury Review.
  2. Review procedure:
    Pre-Selection will be conducted by the contestants. Each team will be assigned to play and review at least 20 various types of game titles through IGA grading system. The organizer will then calculate pre-selection result, of which multiple game titles will be nominated in different categories, and enter to the next stage Jury Review and be further reviewed by the jury committee.
  3. If there is an uncertainty about the result, the jury committee shall discuss and reach to a consensus.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to amend the content of the event, and is obligated to notify the changes to jury committee and the participating teams via E-mail.

Criteria Description

Review Criteria Description
Game mechanics Gameplay mechanics, playability, play balancing, level design…etc.
Narration Storytelling, plot construction, scenario, dialogue…etc.
Visual art Art direction, animation, modeling, character design, texture creation…etc.
Audio effect Sound effects, musical composition, sound design…etc.
Creativity Innovation that advances the current gameplay, mechanics, structure…etc.

Pre-Selection Score Allocation

Review Criteria Ratio
Game mechanics 20%
Narration 20%
Visual art 20%
Audio effect 20%
Creativity 20%

Submission Deadline

Please complete your application before Oct. 16.

Contact Us

Taipei Computer Association (Taipei Game Show)
Angel Hsu